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IT Zynga Presentation

No description

Yang Muni

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of IT Zynga Presentation

Allows new ventures to reach out to a wide group of customers Priorities REACH REVENUE results sent via sms Zynga's Success ZYNGA Ethics Breach of Privacy Zynga personal data of 218 million users with advertising partners broke federal law & Facebook's terms by sharing Some apps including Zynga's FarmVille, share information about people's friends. Lead-Generation Scams Download toolbar Phone Number = IQ Quiz SpyWare-such as Zango text pin code to be enter on the quiz Subscribe to $9.99/month subscription Can gaming survive with strict privacy control? Free online game and learning tool

Allows players to raise rice to fight world hunger while learning through educational, multiple-choice games

For every question the user answers correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated to the World Food Programme. In its first ten months of operation, Freerice donated over 42 billion grains of rice
Since 2012, Freerice players had earned sufficient rice to feed nearly 5 million people two meals for one day. McDonald’s Monopoly game Collecting all pieces to a property color to win prizes

Online game: run your very own McDonald’s restaurant and take part in farming for your McDonald’s ingredients

Revenue increased by $6.1m in Asia and Pacific region during promotion month First gamification program on a consumer electronics corporate website.

Social loyalty program

Unlock badges, earn points, level up and have fun discovering everything Samsung.com has to offer

Watching videos, commenting on articles, participating in user-generated Q&As Samsung Nation "Increase engagement and advocacy by enhancing the overall experience of our customers and fans on Samsung.com" world’s leading provider of social game services How Zynga makes money In-game virtual goods
In-game advertising
Banner advertising around its game portals
In-game poker revenues Customer Segment Defines the different groups of people
or organizations Zynga aims to reach
and serve
Heart of many business models Value Propositions Describes the bundle of products
and services that create value for
a specific Customer Segment
Reason why customers turn to one company over another Channels Describes how Zynga communicates with, and reaches the different Customer Segments to deliver a Value Proposition
Communication, distribution, and sales
Important role in the customer experience Customer Relationships Types of relationships Zynga establishes with specific Customer Segments
Ranges from personal to automated Revenue Streams Represents the cash generated from each Customer Segment
Determine what value each Customer Segment is willing to pay Key Resources Describes the most important assets required to make a business model work
Allows a company to create a Value Proposition, reach markets, maintain relationships and earn revenues Key Activities Describes the most important things Zynga must do to make its business model work
Actions a company must take to operate successfully Key Partners Describes the network of suppliers and partners that make the business model work
Create alliances to optimize their business models, reduce risk, or acquire resources. Cost Structure Describes all costs incurred to operate a business model
Helps company be more cost efficient Nine Business Building Blocks Innovate quickly
Test things aggressively
Ultimately dominate Provide an authentic and valuable social experience
Able to play with your real friends + Social Media

The Next Big Thing



Social Responsibility CONTENTS Sustainability of Zynga's Business Model Sale of virtual goods Zynga is relying on a small number of players to make up the majority of its revenue. Reliance on Facebook Zynga credits 90% of its sales to Facebook. Advertising Zynga’s games still attract a large amount of people. (232 million monthly active users). Acquisition of Smaller Companies High risk in growing through acquisitions. Thank You!! http://www.mcvideogame.com Zynga CEO recognises that if you violate the trust of the user, they will not come back. Self -regulated and remove scams Priorities REACH RETENTION REVENUE Please go to http://goo.gl/9wQTy FREE! Unique & Transformational Experience Stay connected & allows social interaction between friends and other users Self Expression
provides a sense
of accomplishment
and ownership Ability to reach, appeal and attract the mass EASY
has access to the
Internet Allows new ventures to reach out to a wide group of customers Less than 2 percent of the players actually represents 90 percent of the company’s revenue Facebook was a critical stepping stone in Zynga’s early days, but with time it needed the social network less and less Zynga is estimated to have an impairment lost of $85 million from its $180 million purchase of OMGPOP (maker of Draw Something) Today, Draw Something doesn’t even make it into the top 100 of the iOS app chart and it drops ever lower in Android charts. Companies will still be willing to purchase ad spaces from Zynga. Improve Corporate
Image Geraldine Lee Xiao Yuan
Michelle Tan Mun Ting
Ong Xiu Wen
Shermaine Tan Wei Min
Tan Zhi Wei
Yang Muni IT SEM6 GRP7
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