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Online Grade Inquiry and Student Evaluation System

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christianlou causapin

on 27 February 2016

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Transcript of Online Grade Inquiry and Student Evaluation System

Online Grade Inquiry and Student Evaluation System
1. Introduction


It will provide the list of subject and its details according to the grade.

It also helps both the students and the evaluator to easily provide and get any information by using this system that is made to have a user friendly interface.

1.4 Product Scope
The Grade Inquiry and Subject Evaluation System aims to Lessen the time of the user, provide list of subjects and grades, improve the manual process of viewing grades and modifying the prospectus.

• To provide data or information quickly.
• To organized different subjects according to its year and semester
• To recommend subjects to irregular students.
• To improve the manual process.
• To provide grades per subject.

• It helps the evaluator to easily modify data anytime.
• Provide subject list every year and semester based on the data in the system.
• Lessen user’s time for manually checking and writing their subjects.
• The students will be update about their subjects and prospectus.

• To improve the manual process of Evaluation.
• To make a system secured and free from error.
• To make the system user friendly.
• To make all the requirements to produce a functional system.

2. Overall Description
2.1 Product Perspective
Online Grade Inquiry and Subject Evaluation System provide information to easily evaluate students, update about their grades and subjects, easily monitor and modify changes of data and communicate with the evaluators and students,. MySQL is used as the storage of data.
2.2 Product Functions
• Provides printable results of grades for every subject taken by the students.
• Stores all the subjects taken by every user that is included on the prospectus.
• Modifies any transformation of data for student subjects.
• List of subjects according to the student course.
• Provide detailed information of the student’s curriculum.
• Provide an account that shall be confirmed by every student.

2.3 User Classes and Characteristics
• Administrators: They are the core users and the one who operate the system .They are able to give access to the possible users of the system.
• Evaluator: They are the client who uses the system for a school purpose. Get access to the system and modify the subjects every year and give information to the user.
• Student: They are the other user of the system. Get and view information about the subjects and grades.

2.4 Operating Environment

Operating System: Windows 7
Processor: 1.60 GHz
Ram: 1Gb

2.5 Design and Implementation Constraints
• Each user must have an account to access to the system.
• Admin, Evaluator and Students can have an account.
• The Evaluator can make changes to the data stored.
• The admin is the one who can make changes to the system functions.

2.7 Assumptions and Dependencies
• System must be online-based.
• A good quality browser to view the system.
• An easy to understand interface.
• Internet is necessarily needed.
• Icons with link or functions that user’s don’t understand.
3. External Interface Requirements
3.1 User Interfaces
Login: This is where the Administrator, Evaluator and Students access the system through Username/ID number and Password.
Home Page : The main page of the Grade Inquiry and Subject Evaluation System.
Confirm account: Each online confirmation account is intended for the Student user of the Batangas State University must have a view of summary of actions done for a particular session or particular registration form.

3.2 Hardware Interfaces
The System is connected to the database where the data is been saved and the user has also the access to the database where the account setting of the user has been saved.

3.3 Software Interfaces
. In this system the user can interact with the server and attain access to the Internet. It uses PHP as the front-end programming and SQL as the back-end application tool
3.4 Communications Interfaces
The Online Grade Inquiry and Subject Evaluation System use PHP and hence require HTTP for transmission of data. More over this allows easy interaction between the various clients and the server.

4. System Features

. For the Admin, it can add, edit, delete students, course and subject information, you can view your grades, subjects in present semester or in other semester. The whole purpose of this system is to make student transactions easier especially for freshmen and transferee.

4.1 Confirmation of account and Secure Login

4.1.1 Description and Priority
This features will give the users a confirmation screen with Student number, password and photo for the user to activate account and a login screen where the username/student id and password are been entered.

4.1.2 Stimulus/Response Sequences
This will consist of two fields for Login, Username/Student Id and Password. There is a button: Login for submitting the data and check to the database. For Confirmation of account it consists of four fields Student number, password, confirm password and photo.
4.1.3 Functional Requirements
This feature secure for possible problem in accessing the system. The username/student id and password will be check on the database and if it is match to one of the data in the database it will allowed the user to access or enter the system and if doesn’t match in data in database, a message will show to inform you that you entered invalid username and password.

4.2 Web-based interface to view subjects and grades info
4.2.1. Description and Priority
This feature will provide information for the user about the subjects according to course, year and semester. They are also given the capability to search for a subject to know information like unit and pre-requisites. It also provides computation of General average of grades.
4.2.2. Stimulus/response sequences
The students can enter year and semester to view the subjects according to what the student entered.

4.2.3. Functional requirements
To use this interface, they will be more requirements. This system will use PHP to access information from the data base.

5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements

5.1 Performance Requirements
Performance: The most important need of our system software is internet connection. Our system is real time and hence should be performed in minimum requirements. The accountability is a vital feature and this could only be assured if the system is working in full capability. So uninterrupted power supply is needed.

5.2 Safety Requirements
Consistency: checking the fact that all students must be connected to the internet, so there would have the lists of subjects and download files. Also in case of a potential loss of connection between the student and the server the student’s subject information so far is lost.

5.3 Security Requirements
The security system features from having a login for all the users to access the software. The login details will be used in the system also. So the chances of the software getting intruded are very less.

5.4 Software Quality Attributes

Availability: Checking that the system always has something to function and always pop up error messages in case of component failure. In that case the error messages appear when something goes wrong to prevent availability problems.

Usability: Checking that the system is easy to handle and navigates in the most expected way with no delays. In that case the system program reacts accordingly and transverses quickly between its states.

Functionality: Checking that the system provides the right features for viewing and modifying data. We can consider that the system has a good function when it comes to Grade Inquiry and Subject Evaluation.

5.5 Business Rules
The administrator should have full details of the user while a user is getting registered to access the system. Only for an authorized person will access the system. Username and Password is required for account verifications.

Context Diagram

Functional Decomposition Diagram(FDD)
Use Case Diagram
Entity Relationship Diagram
Online Grade Inquiry and Student Evaluation System
A presentation prepared by:
Secondez,Richard M.
Adrias, Jenelyn V.
Causapin, Christian Lou C.
Cabingan, Lezeth B.
Gomez, Angelica L.
Limon, Mark Ryan D.
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