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Gendered Hair Products

SOC 304 Gender Project

Brittany Brown

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Gendered Hair Products

Hair Styling Products:
A Sociological Analysis Brittany Brown & Kayla Greene "Race-Y" Hair Products How products are Classed MEn's Products:

WomEn's Poducts:

GendeEr Neutral Products: Which One Would You Buy? Product Shapes Textual Choices CoLoRs Scents Women's Products are described as fruity and sweet Hair Styling Products in Commercials Print Advertisements References Black Dark Bule Brown Slate Grey, Lime Green Red Pink Purple Blue Green Red Yellow Yellow Silver Blue Lime Geen Men's products are described as fresh and green Women products are sexualized and emphasized their femininity. Men's products promote hypermasculinity fresh, green and aromatic flirty fruity fusion Marketers emphasize ideal female body shapes through packaging: apple, pear, and hourglass Men's products are marketed as functional, geometric, and practical Products marketed to a higher class came in more appealing colors and had embellishments Less expensive products were dull and lifeless Racialized stereotypes were present at all retailers People of color are marginalized at major retailers At beauty world there are only products for people of color
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