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MyMMR Vaccine awareness project

epi512 class

Anna Vinogradova

on 12 August 2012

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Transcript of MyMMR Vaccine awareness project

Online communities
Twitter AAA marketing goals Ask:
Identify hesitant parents-young mothers Acknowledge:
Question and concerns Advise:
Answer specific questions on
MMR vaccine Female head of household is usually responsible for healthcare decisions MMR Vaccine is recommended for children begining at 12 months It is difficult to change the mind of a mother who has already decided not to vaccinate one or more of her children WHY WHY WHY Women usually check the internet for health information Reasons for failure to vaccinate:

Confused by vaccine schedule
Forgetting the second dose
Pain of injection There are very few websites
promoting the MMR vaccine
from non-governmental organizations Our web-based campaign is a just
one part of a more systematic intervention Important to be among first resources encountered Wakefield study caused drop in MMR vaccination rates Website Young Women
(18-30) MMR Website Sponser
Intervention Name Diffusion of Innovations Website components:
http://mymmr.wordpress.com/ Increasing disease burden
to society Final Target population is newly pregnant women or those who have one child under the age of one year Costs Personnel: Focus groups: Marketing:
Intern or provider staff Incentives Online thematic forums
Google Groups, Facebook group Health Belief Model Theory of
Planned Behavior Social Cognitive Theory A web-designer,
focus group administrator
analyst, and a staff member Not all individuals have access to the internet Our project is one among many vaccine-oriented
web-sites It will take time
for marketing
and target group adoption Ideal:
A focus group
for testing and evaluation Budget Development of a
Community Organization Sponsored
Web-Based Educational Campaign:
(measle mumps and rubella vaccine) Madhu Anand
Megan Mitchell
Anna Vinogradova A web-based education campaign:
can be economical
reach a large audience
used in conjunction with other interventions. Thank you for your attention!
Any Questions?
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