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Unconscious defense mechanism/Part One

...things that lie beneath...

Dora Bozanic

on 26 November 2016

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Transcript of Unconscious defense mechanism/Part One

And we are mostly only human... Teaching means being exposed to an incredible amount of emotions. ...apart from Miss Awesome teaching next door, of course. ;) Even the masters of keeping cool sometimes lose it and forget it's them who should be the adult. But seriously, there is no way to stay immune to all of the input all the time. Read what follows but, keep one thing in mind: In order to uncover them, when you're analyzing a situation - stick to the facts and not judgements. So here are some of the unconscious defense mechanisms that come to play in
classrooms. For example: He's not listening to me. He's looking out of the window and tapping his pen. One of these describes the situation - the other one has already made a judgement. Stick to descriptions. So here, finally, are the unconscious defense mechanism which can be at play at classrooms. Have you ever felt hopeless and helpless after being exposed to people who feel hopeless and helpless? PROJECTION Have you ever felt inspired to do something after chatting with someone bursting with ideas? That's... ...comes to play when the present situation triggers a memory and we react to the memory. Transference... The trigger can be anything: a sigh, a look, a smell, a haircut - and it can put some past shoes right back on our feet. ...happens when people get caught up in someone's transference. Counter-transference... For example - some children living in a world of violence are very good at provoking violence in others. That's transference. Teachers can often sense anger rising in them and if they're not careful, it can burst out. That's counter - transference: The teacher unwittingly re-enacts the violent reaction from the memory. It's basically taking an emotion from one situation and putting it to play in another. Displacement Bullies do this well. They pick on people, because they feel helpless in a sphere of life important to them. Similar to displacement is... ...omnipotence. Some students have a need to take over the class - they question the tasks, organize everything, don't want any help. When you perceive it, stop and think: What is it that they can't control, that makes them control things at school? Based on:
"Teaching the Unteachable" by Marie Delaney
and work done at Pilgrim's Difficult Learners course in July 2012 ...to be continued... Made possible by... This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
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