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Biometric Scans for Theme Parks

No description

Nazka N

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Biometric Scans for Theme Parks

With fingerprinting, a scanner captures the ridges and furrows of fingerprints. The fingerprints are then compared to the images in the system.
Facial scans capture an image of the face, and it is analyzed for nodal points. They are also compared to the pictures that are in our system.
Science Behind Biometrics
Company Name
Nelsaire uses fingerprinting and facial recognition techniques to ensure your safety!
Fingerprinting is still the most trusted and used biometric scan today. Nelsaire only uses the best techniqures; we do it for YOU.
Facial recognition is imperative. With the use of both scans, sharing admission passes will never cross anyone's mind again.
Security Plan
Facial Recognition
Pictures and Diagrams
Facial Recognition
Accuracy of Techniques
Beating the System
Biometric Scans for Theme Parks
We work to be
but most of all, we strive to keep you safe.
Story of Success
A few years ago I scheduled a trip to Thrillville, the local amusement park. I used a coupon and got a great deal on tickets and passes for my family of five. When the day finally came, we piled into the car and made the trip to Thrillville. When we arrived, I was told my tickets had already been picked up and used. We were devastated. I spoke to the managers and was told, "Things like this happen all the time." They replaced our tickets and apologized, but I was extremely disappointed in the lack of security and organizaion. Months later, I received a call letting me know about the new Nelsaire security system, and they asked if we would like to return and see the improvements. When we arrived, they took scans of our faces and fingers, and it was so organized. We felt very safe, and we were told no passes have been stolen since the Nelsaire security system was installed!
-Anna Garcia of Austin, Texas
Privacy is one of the most important aspects of our company. Our sytems are designed to keep your customers safe in every way and that includes keeping their identities, pictures, and prints private! All of our images and data are electronically locked. We will do everything we can, but it will also be up to your employees to uphold the privacy policies.

Big thanks to Mrs. Foster for introducing the Nelsaire team to really good music!
Thank you,
Dolly Parton and Fleetwood Mac for providing the world with some awesome tunes!
We hope that you enjoyed our presentation, and are interested in becoming more secure!
Remember to stay safe and choose the safest option! The Nelsaire option!
Fingerprint Scan
Facial recognition is 99% accurate under ideal conditions. These conditions are lighting and positioning. If these conditions are not properly upheld, it can be hard to identify a person by their face.
Fingerprint Scan
Fingerprint scans to this day is still the most accurate of biometric identification. The only time fingerprint scans can be a struggle is if someone steals your print.
At Nelsaire we pride ourselves on being the safest and strongest, but there are risks that someone could beat our system. Our facial recognition biometrics are less difficult to beat, but it's by no means easy. Someone would have to obscure their face using glasses, clothing, or hair. You can ask people to remove these while they are scanned, without it causing a conflict. Fingerprint biometrics are extremely hard to beat. Silicone or tape can be used to copy a fingerprint. There are more EXTREME ways to beat our system but we doubt that will be a problem at your park.
Fingerprint Scans
Who are we?
We are Nelsaire: a company devoted to the security of theme parks and other institutions.

Chief executive officer (CEO): Nazka Nurbyek
final decisions over operations
chairwoman of board

Chief business officer (CBO): Claire Tillis
connection to users
financial operations and management
Chief design officer (CDO): Kelsey Ritchie
graphic design
responsible for comprehension of audience
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