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Teach Like A Pirate!

PITT Pirates!

Karen Bayer

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Teach Like A Pirate!

"You've heard the stories...
Are you ready for the experience?!!"--Ron Burgess

"...Deaf students represent a cultural and linguistic group of indiviudals..."

She goes on to say,
it is "...imperative that teachers find ways to incorporate Deaf studies into the general education curriculum."
8 Goals!
In Chapter 1 of
Deaf Education in the 21st Century, Scheetz reminds us...
communication, socialization, and academic preparation."
"Parents will want to know if the professionals dealing with their children will be able to communicate with them using the communication mode of their choice."
Will their children have friends and be able to develop a sense of belonging and acceptance?
Will they be able to access the curriculum and succeed academically?

Will their talents be tapped to allow them to capitalize on their strengths rather than being reminded of their weaknesses?
Will they leave the educational arena as independent young men and women with a sense of self-confidence, ready to continue their postsecondary education or enter the competitive world of employment?
"With research and evidence-based practice on the horizon,
current professionals as well as future graduates will be provided with new answers to many of these age-old questions."
Staying abreast of the research, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and implementing differentiated instruction will provide students who are deaf and hard of hearing with opportunities not only to access but, more importantly, to
master the curriculum.
The future holds promise for them.
By recognizing their abilities and de-emphasizing their disabilities, this multivariate group of students will be able to concentrate on capitalizing strengths and maximizing capabilities."
"With the publication of The National Agenda: Moving Forward on Achieving Educational Equity for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students (Martin, 2005)
eight goals were set forth to provide local schools with the foundation to enhance educational programming for this group of unique and diverse learners."
"The eight goals focus on...
(a) early identification and intervention;
(b) communication, language, and literacy;
(c) collaborative partnerships;
(d) systems responsibility: accountability, high stakes testing, assessment, and standards-based environments;
(e) placement and programs;
(f) technology;
(g) professional standards and personnel preparation; and
(h) research (Martin, 2005)."
Parents of our 21st Century students have "...concerns regarding
The future looks bright...
Our students have HOPE!!!!

To get us started
on the INSTRUCTION we must provide our 21st Century students, let's take a look at a futurist classroom that is actually already in existence... in a neighboring district.

According to the May 21, 2013 issue of Business Insider, Google is aiming for an early to mid 2014 debut of Good Glass to the general public. "Google Glass is an attempt to bring smart eye wear to the masses."
What can you do this year to begin preparing your students for the opportunity for independence in the 21st Century?
There are many TOOLS available to students and teachers to "move" others to not only independence by GREATNESS via sharing our knowledge of the new ABC's as well as our ability to pitch, improvise, & serve!
Go to www.alldeaf.com
to discover another tool students LOVE...
Think about how "flipping" would benefit your kids and...
In the past few days, technology has become so "user friendly". . .
you can easily "FLIP" your classroom with the PowerPoint slides you already have prepared!
Achieve Dr. Robertson's 3 goals by allowing Burgess to help you:
1. Narrow your focus to:
2. Eliminate excuses by improving attitudes and relationships through an intense review of *Passion,
*Immersion, *Rapport, *Asking/Analyzing, *Transforming, and showing *Enthusiasm for instruction; and
3. Have FUN via the use of a plethora of presentational "hooks" that will get your
kids excited about their learning!
"I like to Move It, Move It"
During Summer Leadership, Dr. Robertson asked our LISD family to join him in focusing on three goals for the 2013-2014 school year.
1. Narrow our focus!
2. Eliminate excuses!
3. Have FUN!!!!!
I want you to think for a minute and jot down at least one idea for achieving each of the three goals in your classroom.
Which of the three goals is the most difficult for you personally?

Which of the three goals is the easiest for your personally?
For me, narrowing the focus is the most challenging and having fun is the most difficult, so I started exploring various text in search of a book to help me and and my staff and felt . . . Teach Like a Pirate! could help us with all three goals.
I went on quite a journey, however, before I was able to select this book.
A book entitled, Leverage Leadership, helped me understand that in order to unify our campus and achieve the 3 goals, we had to zero in on "CULTURE"
So how would you describe the culture and instruction in your classroom AND at your campus????
In Leverage Leadership, I learned that culture is broken into 3 parts: 1. Student culture; 2. Staff culture; and 3. Leadership development.
Instruction is broken into 4 parts: 1. Data-driven instruction; 2. Observation & Feedback; 3. Planning; and 4. Professional Development.
We know the future is bright because of the lives and example of. . .
1. J. Leblanc & Project Runway;
2. Stephanie Nogueras on the Red Carpet; and
3. Helen Willis at Oxford University!
Long Live the Arts
What's In It For Me?
All The World Is A Stage
Stand And Deliver
Advanced Tactics
Around The Edges
Endless Treasure!
The final chapters of the book provide "endless, limitless" treasure!
"Confession time! For years I glorified in being the "non-tech guy" and quickly rejected opportunities to incorporate more technology saying, "Hey, it's not my style."

"Have you limited yourself by blindly following a style or program? Are you training students to do beautiful and perfect repetitions of classical forms completely removed from real world application?"

"...we don't want students who can just spit out facts, formulas, and equations. We want students who can take what they have learned and intelligently apply it to the real world around them."--Dave Burgess
Building a Better Pirate:
1. Awkward Question
2. Where Do I Start?
3. Finding a Crew
4. Finding Treasure
"The #1 Top Secret Way To Become A Better Lover!!"
To be a better lover of learning...
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