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Historical Fiction

No description

Alexa Vastardis

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Historical Fiction

Once a women was married, she must try and have a baby immediately.
Women have as many as ten to twelve kids.
There was also women that gave birth to twenty kids or more.
Women needed to have many kids for the tobacco labor.

The image

The Jobs of women
*The women role in Jamestown was mostly household wives
*Some of the women were forced to also work in the fields if there was a lack of men
*The women provided all the food for the family
*They had to tend the chickens to get eggs and eventually meat
Alexa, Katie, and Emily
~Importance of Women~
colonial period.
women of the
pictures four
to the
[ ]
Women of the colonial times had high expectations and requirements cast upon them- they could be married at age 13, and
they were expected to have 10 to 12 children at least, prepare every meal, care for the animals and pick the crops, and keep the house clean.
Citing Sources
"NWHM Cyber Exhibit, Building the New World:
The Women of Jamestown Settlement."
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Jobs Of The Women
Life as a Child
Children only have a 50% chance of making it to adulthood.
Most children were orphans by the age of 9.
Most women get married at around 25, but young marriages are seen at ages 12 to 14 years old.
*Women milked the cows and made cheeses and other products from it
*They collected and grounded the grain to make the bread
*The Women even had to butcher, cook, and prepare the meat
*Tend the garden to get all the vegetables
*Brewed all the beer

The Setting of our Story
The Importance
Of Women

By: Emily Cornish, Alexa Vastardis,
and Katie Goettle
The setting of our story is in Center Town of the Colonial Time Period.
There was farm land everywhere.
Farms had crops which was one of the best resources in this time period.
Characters in our Story
There are several characters in our story.
That includes...
* Molly
* Mother
* Matilda (Mayors daughter)
* Arnold, Benjamin, Christopher, David,
Ethan, Fredrick, Gerald, Harrison. (her brother)

Summary of our Story

The women in the 1600s did jot have many rights, but they should have more rights than they actually do.
Molly is a 14 year old girl in the 1600s and would love to go to school. Since she is a girl, she is not allowed to. She is going to try everything she can to get into school.
Women's Responsibilities
Protagonist vs. Antagonist

The antagonist in this story was how the men in colonial times treated women. Girls were not allowed to go to school.
Molly is the protagonist, who just wants to go to school with her brothers.

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