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Poisonous Lizards

No description

Brooke mckendrick

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Poisonous Lizards

Poisonous Lizards
Differences and Benefits
For benefits, a lizard can be defensive and fight off its predator. For differences, some poisonous lizards could bite, sting, or inject venom into a human.
Where do Poisonous Lizards live ?
Poisonous lizards live in southwestern United States, deserts, temperate forests, rainforests, prairies, marshes and streams.
I find this topic interesting because in the book it talks about the poisonous yellow spotted lizard. I also find this interesting because there are so many different types of lizards such as the Gila Monster, Mexican Beaded lizard, Komodo Dragon, etc.
Yellow Spotted Lizard
Most poisonous lizards are a color such as orange or yellow, with spots. They usually sleep in piles of leaves or dirt. Poisonous lizards eat plants, insects, crickets, etc.
Why I find this topic interesting...
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