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GS 451 - Hydro-Social Cycle in the Waterloo Region

No description

Evelyn McGowan

on 30 November 2011

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Transcript of GS 451 - Hydro-Social Cycle in the Waterloo Region

Hydro-Social Cycle Potable Water in the
K-W Region Potable Water
in the
KW Region Water Treatment 80% aquifers
20% Grand River
120 quality tests
bacteria organics/inorganics turbidity pH levels Treatment raw surface water pre-settling
disinfection raw ground water disinfection Bottled vs. Tap Filtering the Truth Where it all began. 1395 - San Pellegrino
1898 - Perrier
Now: Nestle
1994 - Aquafina (Pepsi-Co)
1999 - Dasani (Coca-Cola Company) Popularization
of Bottled Water High-density
Polyethylene Stigma of
Tap Water Marketing of Beauty, Health and Nature A Socio-Politico-Economic
Dynamic and Divide The Reality of
Our Water Our Water,
Our Future? Waterloo Region
Long Term Water Strategy Pipeline from Lake Erie to K-W
Increased cost of water
2018 -- 5 MIDG
2035 -- $1.2B
Water supply until 2041? Solutions at Laurier Cost effective
More regulated
More environmentally sound
Bottle-free Water Coolers Solutions in the K-W Region
and Beyond Conestoga Mall
Waterloo Moraine
Wellington Water Watchers
Council of Canadians Nestle in Guelph privatization of our water?
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