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Daily 5 and CAFE

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lauren harbster

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Daily 5 and CAFE

A student driven management structure designed to fully engage students in activities that support reading and writing.

Creates routines and procedures that foster independent literacy routines that become habit.

What is it made of ?
Five literacy tasks that can be completed in small groups or as individuals.

Read to Self
Read to Someone
Listen to Reading
Work on Writing
Word Work
What does the research say?
Research shoes that students need to:
Read to be better readers
Write to be better writers
What sets Daily 5 Apart?
Rely on the teaching of independence
Manage the entire literacy block
Allow for 2-3 focus lessons and more intentional teaching
Provide students substantial time to read and write
Allow for integration of reading and writing
Incorporate a variety of clearly defined instructional routines that accelerate learning
Build stamina to ensure longer periods of time students successfully read and write
Articulate student behaviors that culminate in highly engaged learners
Teach students to understand and monitor literacy goals

For teachers...

Deliver whole class lessons
Teach small groups of children
Confer with individual students
Hold students accountable for eyes-on-text
Important Foundations of Daily 5
Read to Self
The best way to become a better reader is to practice each day reading GOOD FIT books that students have selected themselves.

Whether the students are very young, learning English, struggling learners, or highly gifted, this understanding is essential if they are to read independently for extended periods of time.
Daily 5 and CAFE
What is Daily 5?
Routman and Allington show that we are used to teaching 80% of the time and practice 20% of the time. Now we know that teaching needs to be 20% of the time and practice 80% of the time.
Trust - Establish positive relationships, trusting students to work independently with explicit instruction. Build trust through lessons and guided practice.
Choice - After students have practiced all the necessary skills, the teacher introduces structured student choice. Students are then allowed to make their own choice of daily activities. What students choose day to day depends on their goals, motivation, and mood.
Community - The classroom culture supports this program through training and climate.
Sense of Urgency - Students know WHY they are doing what they are doing.
Stamina - Teaching children how to read on their own for extended periods of time each day creates the self-winding learner that we want in the center of this comprehensive literacy program.
Read to Someone
Partner reading provides opportunities to practice strategies, improve fluency, check for understanding, and for students to hear their own voice.

I Read, You Read
Choral Read
Reading One Book
Reading Different Books
Listen to Reading
Hearing fluent and expressive reading of good literature expands vocabulary, helps build stamina, and makes better readers.

Listen to books on CD (CD player or computer)
Computer (CD or other programs such as Bookflix)
Word Work
Expanded vocabulary leads to greater fluency in reading, therefore increasing comprehension.

Becoming more proficient as a speller leads to improved writing fluency.
Work on Writing
Just like reading the best way to become a better writer is to write each day.

When students are given their own choice of topics, students learn to care about their writing and those who read it. It is a satisfying means of self - expression.

What is a GOOD FIT book?
Research indicates that an independent reading level or a good fit book for children is one they can read with 99% accuracy.

There is more to choosing a good fit book than just reading the words. A child's purpose for reading, interest in a topic, and ability to comprehend play a large role in finding a good fit book.
CAFE is a guide to focus our instruction, help students set reading/behavior goals, and monitor progress.

Expand Vocabulary
Guide for instruction
CAFE Menu serves as a visual aid in which students can access to apply strategies during DAILY 5
Allows a gradual release of responsibility to students
Holds students accountable for their learning
page 45
page 59
Examples of Writing
Persuasive Writing
Friendly Letter
True Story

The main difference between Writer's Workshop and writing during Daily 5 is that during WW, we ask students to produce a piece of writing based on a strategy or genre being taught, but during Daily 5 it is sustained writing of their choice.
page 75
page 85
page 79
4 components set up across the top
As a strategy is introduced it is put under C, A, F, E
Children put their name under the strategy they are working on During Daily 5
Guide for instruction
CAFE Board is a visual to help students
Collection of strategies students can access to apply reading strategies during reading
Allows a gradual release of responsibilty to students
page 43
page 29
page 30
Daily 5 in Second Grade
Daily 5 Alive
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