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Firefighter Career

No description

Ryu Young

on 27 April 2017

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Transcript of Firefighter Career

Firefighting Career
Education Needed
-high school diploma
-driving license
-U.S citizenship
-Medical, physical, and written examinations
-EMT-Basic Certification
-Some training on the job

1-Lewis and Clark College
2-Idaho State University
3-Lambton College (Canada)
4-Utah Valley University

About the Institution cont
Firefighting in California
I would prefer to be a firefighter here, but if I can't my first choice would be California.

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Hawaii Firefighting Benefits
- sick leave and vacation earnings
- paid holidays
- life, dental, medical, vision, and prescription drug insurance plans
- career opportunity and merit system in firefighting programs
- tax-sheltered savings and investment plans.
Firefighting in Hawaii
Why I chose
-Always wanted to follow
- Well paid
- Unique and great job
Ryu Young
Furthering Firefighter Education
-Fire Science Degree or Certificate
-Firefighter Apprenticeship

About the Institution
4 year program
- 2 years of Fire Science or Fire Technology
- 1 year of Firefighter Basic Training
- 1 year of basic EMT
Tuition: $163,489 for 4 year program
-Certified copies of high school/post-secondary transcripts, diplomas and degrees
-Proof of English Proficiency - please see your program Admission Requirements for a list of accepted IELTS scores
-Signed Notice of Disclosure form
One Fire Station on Oahu would be the Kaimuki Fire Station.

I chose this Fire station because:
- It is close to home
- Has many great benefits
- I always wanted to be a Firefighter in
Hawaii, nowhere else.
California has:
I chose Lambton College because:
- Live Fire training
- 3 year Firefighter program
- Custom courses
-Ranked #1 for firefighting schools in Canada
Thanks for Watching!
Any Questions?
-Looks great
- Good Benefits
-Family in California
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