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Jerseyville Elementary Principal

About Me & Why best candidate for the job

Hilary Wagenblast

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Jerseyville Elementary Principal

Committee Involvement...
Rising Star: Make changes to improve performances
Evaluation: Create our evaluation tool using the Danielson Framework
School-wide Writing Rubric: Accommodate shifts with CCSS writing across the curriculum
Professional Development: Create activities for In-service days
IPI: Code, Present, and Evaluate student learning
RtI: Create method, Present, and Teach Check & Connect Classroom
Administration Duties....
substitute administrator
safety drills
dress code policy
parking lot duty
supervision: created schedule
Provided for others
Teacher Groups: Content Curriculum Strategies (Reading) & Core Strength Integration (Digging Deeper into CCSS)
Teacher Edmodo Page: Stores Handouts & Allows safe blogging
Technology Presentations: Edmodo, iMovie, iCal, & iPhoto
Technology Support
Guidance to emerging teacher leaders
Professional Development Opportunity: SLAM
Organized and led an opportunity for teachers and students to experience learning in a unique and innovative way.
Digging deeper into learning while using one piece of art and providing multiple learning activities for students to explore.
Participated and led four field trips to SLAM
Worked with teachers on lesson designing
Piloted a student-led version
Student Trips: Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Spain, Belize
Teacher Groups: Content Curriculum Strategies & Core Strength Intervention
Presentations on IPI, RtI, Technology, Mentor Workshops
Highland Education Association: Treasurer, Membership Chair, Negotiator
Sponsor NHS, Saturday Scholars
Senior Citizen Prom Coordinator
HMS Amazing Race Coordinator
Jerseyville Elementary Principal Interview
Hilary Wagenblast
Looking Closely
Looking Faraway
Freshmen - Seniors
Student-Led: 2013
Why I am your choice...
Great qualities
Share experience and knowledge
Desire to maintain and enhance learning environment
Will strive toward what is best for students & teachers
Technologically literate

What I can provide the elementary level...
PBIS ideas, reading strategies, & higher order deeper thinking skills
RtI teacher (check & connect)
IPI trained (engagement)
Organized, innovative, & not afraid to try new things!
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