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Zoo by Edward D.Hoch

No description

Ariel Caudill

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Zoo by Edward D.Hoch

by Edward D. Hoch zoo Characters Resolution >Professor Hugo, the person that brought all of the creatures from the other planets.~Pg.85
The Kaan spiders,the creatures Hugo brought for the zoo.~Pg.85/86

>The children, people who came to see the creatures that Hugo brought from other planets.~Pg.85 >The Chicago area,where the people in the story would wait for Hugo and his Interplanetary Zoo.~Pg.85

>Kaan,where the horse spider creatures came from.~Pg.85 Setting >The climax of the story is when Professor Hugo showed the people of Earth the Kaan spiders.~Pg.86 climax >Professor Hugo had to leave in his promised time,6 hours.~Pg.86 Conflict Professor Hugo left at his promised time,6 hours. It states it on page 86._. It says,"He waved farewell to them,and as the ship rose from the ground,the earth peoples agreed that this had been the very best zoo yet..'. The theme would be that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Theme Prezi over Zoo(By Edward D.Hoch)by Jesse,Blake,Ariel~
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