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Infectious Diseases

No description

Saruf Alam

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Infectious Diseases

Compared to Asia INFECTIOUS DISEASES Diseases, caused by viruses entering the body. Importance Causes Typhoid- Lack of education Access to contaminated water Typhoid carriers Contagious Dangerous FATAL Common STAKEHOLDERS AIDS Sexual intercourse Spread by: Infected needles Economic Talking Being near Breathing Sneezing Coughing Mother-child infection Blood Transfusion Humanitarian Risks Poor Nutrition Crowded/Unsanitary Conditions Infants Elderly Previously infected Weakend immune system AIDS ENVIRONMENTAL Infectious diseases Kills Many Every 20 seconds... IN ASIA Developing TYPHOID IN ASIA India, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos & Nepal W.H.O STUDY OF 5 COUNTRIES AIDS in ASIA TB in Asia China Solutions THESIS PERSONAL ACTION & ADVERTISEMENTS AIDS Typhoid In The World The only method to eradicate infectious diseases is to end poverty. THE DEVELOPED COMMUNITY Solutions GLOBAL LOCAL AIDS AFRICA TECHNOLOGY SANITATION Money & Economy Not As Common Diarrhoeal Disease Poverty PROVIDE FREE VACCINES PROVIDE IMPROVED SANITATION TEACH PROPER HYGIENE DONATE MONEY EDUCATE PEOPLE Globally Lower Price rates Locally Prevention Africa Europe HOW TO SOLVE TYPHOID AND TUBERCULOSIS Tuberculosis SJ Economic Humanitarian Environmentalist Raise Awareness Asia Kyle Tuberculosis Yong Eun Saruf Oshodi Market, Nigeria China Population:
1,346,439,921 India Population:
1,210,193,422 AFRICA W.H.O poverty Personal Action POVERTY We are pleased to see my son dedicated into supporting his friend's NGO and giving donations every friend’s birthday instead of spending money on wasteful cheap stuff. He will donate in their names every time it’s his friend’s birthday. Also instead of buying him expensive wasteful own gifts we will donate every time. We are signing this small statement to show that we, Sung Jun Han's parents will be giving money to Sung Jun every birthday to donate to the NGO so that he can help take action against tuberculosis. One of the most heavily infected province My personal Taking Action is raising Awareness Ms Fredrick's signature post* the* Effect of drug smuggling and unsanitary blood selling
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