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Type 2 Diabetes - Web of Causation

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MacKenzie Brown

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Type 2 Diabetes - Web of Causation

1.50 more per day to eat healthy foods per person. $550 per/year
Access to Healthy Food - Food Deserts.
Medical Care
Access to insurance
Screenings: Most free programs include blood glucose screenings.
Approx. $10,000+ per/year for those with diabetes.
Socio-Economic Status
Web of Causation
- It effects the way your body metabolizes glucose the body's main fuel source.
-Body resists effects of insulin or does not produce enough.
-8th leading cause of death in Kent County. (CDC)
-7th Leading cause of preventable hospitalizations.
- 1 in 3 Americans born after 2000 will develop T2D by 18 years. (CDC)
Type II Diabetes
Men are more diagnosed than women
In Kent County, 51% of people w/Type 2 Diabetes are Male, while 49% are female
However, women are at risk of getting gestation diabetes which if poorly controlled can lead to type 2 diabetes
Uncontrolled gestation diabetes also puts a child at risk for obesity and later in life at risk for developing type 2 diabetes
Early screening and follow-up before, during and after pregnancy
It's unclear why certain races are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than others.
According to Kent County;
White people account for 6.8%,
Black/African Americans account for 9.9%, while
Hispanics account for 10.7%
of people with Type 2 Diabetes
Lack of, or poor access to affordable healthcare and poor nutrition contribute towards developing type 2 diabetes in Hispanics and Black/African Americans.
Risk of type 2 diabetes increases as you get older, especially after age 45. Why?
People tend to exercise less, lose muscle mass and gain weight as they age
Type 2 diabetes is also increasing dramatically among children, adolescent and young adults
In fact, people younger than 65 years account for 25.6 million or 11.3% in U.S.
Regular exercise such as walking for at least 30 minutes, 5 days in week could help maintain healthy weight as you age.
Time Management
Busy lifestyles
Both parents working, working more than one job
Leads to Not cooking at home
Which leads to fast food/take out
Cheap, easy, unhealthy, over consumption in calories
A proper diet is crucial.
Lack of knowledge of the foods that help reduce the risk of T2D.
Carbs/Sugar/Good&Bad Fat
Cooking & Food Preparation
Cooking classes:
Home Economics in School
Fresh Start Healthy Cooking.
Early Nutrition

School Lunches
Kids are overweight
Under regulation of sugar
Large selection, including fast food.
Scratch cooking
Grand Rapids School System given $2.93 per meal by the USDA. actual food cost after overhead= 50-60 cents/ meal.
Stay at home parent
Diet / Food
Meal Prep/ Portions
Types of food
Physical Activity
Wellness Programs
Internet Culture - World at your finger tips.
Video Games/TV Time - Child Physical Activity
Community Planning
Household Income/Geography
Concentrations of poor/low income population.
Mixed Income Housing
Business Diversity
Family History
Risk of type 2 diabetes increases significantly if your biological parent or sibling has a history of type 2 Diabetes
If a parent has type 2 diabetes, the risk of his/her child getting type 2 diabetes is 1 in 7 if the diagnosis was before age 50
Some people who has immunological insulin resistance are genetically predisposed to type 2 diabetes.
Having family members who are obese could also increase the chance of you being obese which is one of the risk factors to type 2 diabetes
Access to early screening and preventative care is fundamental
Good Infrastructure
Example -East GR
YMCA -Diabetes Prevention Program.
PA - 150 min. per/week
Reduce 7% Body weight
School Programs
Healthy U.
Nutrition in Action
10 % of the West Michigan population has diabetes.
Primary causation factor
Being overweight increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes seven fold.
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