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TLC Workshop

No description

Tina Boyer

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of TLC Workshop

An easier way of teaching writing (and literature!)
in the language classroom

Personalizing A text in the second semester
Genre: diary entry
focus on reinforcing vocabulary (adverbs of time)
focus on related grammar (word order, past tenses)
Culture: German Immigration History
Overview of text

authentic diary of a young man.
unique structure aids comprehension and generates its own meaning.

review of first year time phrases.
expansion of vocab to talk about personal memories.

reinforcement of word order and past tenses.
use of temporal phrases in the dative.
movement from personal memories to historical. memories or events
personalizing historical moments.
Combining big and little history using a diary as genre.
Raising awareness of how style and grammar carry meaning within a narrative.
Historical Developments
in Collegiate FL Education
• Communicative Turn (1970s)
• Emphasis on meaningful oral communication

• Proficiency Movement (1980s)
• Codification of learning outcomes, inclusion of cultural competence

• Interdisciplinarity, Instructional Technology (1980s-2000s)
• Language for specific purposes (Business German, Medical Spanish)

National Standards (1990s-2000s)
• Articulation of learning goals across levels

The Next Challenge…
Two-tiered departmental structure (MLA Report, 2007)
Assumptions about language acquisition
• “language” vs. “content” courses

Personnel configuration and background
Non-tenure track vs. tenure track
…And a Response
“Content from the beginning of language acquisition until the end of the undergraduate sequence” (Byrnes, 2002)

“The development of a unified language-and-content curriculum across the four-year college sequence" (MLA Report, 2007)
In other words…
Need for integration of content and language
- with a theory of language that supports such integration

Need for a textual approach
- with a conceptualization of texts as instances of the meaning potential of the entire language system

Need for a long-term articulated curriculum
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