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Jewelry With A Smile =)

No description

Kayla Gomez

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Jewelry With A Smile =)

Presented By Kayla Gomez How It All Started Alana volunteers at the Sooo Chic designs , here she was taught basic business skills and how to make her own jewelry. How Did Her Business Start? found jewelry making fun
Everyone loved them
started her own business
sooo chic designs (167 Church st Clinton MA)
She works on new pieces after school and on weekends... (holidays and events)
craft fairs Personal Life Pros and Cons craft fairs are hard
no guaranteed sales.
risk taking
Profit (about a summer) What she has learned Being outgoing comes along way
Be approachable and knowledgeable
Be interesting and intriguing
Leave a lasting impression Jewelry With A Smile Designed and owned by
Alana Jones changed for the better
great people
great experiences
Lasting relationships Goals Business to blossom
To have people be proud to wear her jewelery (leaving with a smile)
Improving products and quantity Regrets and Advice
Highlights The joy and smiles
regrets nothing, great support system
Skills, Attitude, and Knowledge all very important. Knowledge leads to your skills , your success of your business depends own your attitude. Winter Craft Fair
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