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Ellie Irving

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Tree

Real Life Situation
A blind man who was never treated as disabled develops his own way to see
Knowledge Issue
Conformity: Do people naturally conform, or does societal pressure produce conformity?
Knowledge Question Development
Is conformity a product of cultural knowledge systems?
Is conformity based in reason or intuition?
To what extent is conformity based in reason or intuition?
Knowledge Question
Con: Stagnates Societal Growth/Creates Oppressive Systems
Conformity Pro: The military
The Military:
Conformity is encouraged soldiers when they go through training. It is in the best interest of a unit to be uniform in both interest and action.
Recent evidence suggests that the higher prevalence of clinical and subclinical depression among females results because one subtype of depression, which is rooted in limitations placed upon women (Silberstein & Lynch, 1998)
Con: Stagnates Societal Growth/Creates Oppressive Systems
Many of the reasons for stopping the advancement of the LGBTQIA+ rights movement are rationalized by people who believe that homosexuality is against their religion. This perpetuates negative gender stereotypes as well as oppressive societal values.
The Female Stereotype

Eager to soothe hurt feelings
Loves children
Sensitive to the needs of others
Con: Closed Society with Oppressive Cultures
Because women were historically not breadwinners, women in the workplace face discrimination and stereotyping.

Incongruity between stereotypes of
leaders and those of women.

14.6 % of executive officers
8.1 % of top earners
4.6 %of Fortune 500 CEOs.

Property of Society
How would Daniel's life have been different if he hadn't been allowed to click?
How does society limit people?
Do our expectations limit the performances of others?
Could we potentially do more or better if never told we 'can't' do something?
Do pressures to be like everyone else limit people from reaching their true potential (like the other blind kid Daniel knew in elementary school)?
Is it natural for people to want to conform, or do they conform because others want them to?
To what extent is conformity
based in intuition?
Con: Erasure or Oppression of Cultures
Many of the African American names that people write off as 'ghetto' or 'weird' have roots in different African languages. For example, the names Lakesha, Lacretia, Aniqua, DeShawn, DeVonta, and Shaquan all have roots in Swahili and Arabic. Many of these names are derived from Swahili or Arabic names popular during the sixties, when the black power movement was gaining popularity and people were very proud of their cultural heritage.
Despite the legals advancements gained by the Civil Rights Movement, African American people still face discrimination in society, especially if their names are not those traditionally given to white people.
Reactions to Conformity
The feminist movement started when women felt that their voices did not count in society. The point of the movement was to create an environment when the sexes would be equal.
The Civil Rights movement began when African Americans were oppressed by Jim Crowe laws and institutionalized racism and has continued due to continued institutionalized racism.
The Civil Rights movement has gained modern momentum following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New York.
The LGBTQIA+ community has begun campaigning for rights and protections such as the banning of conversion therapy and protections against abuse, and the Supreme Court is hearing a case about Marriage Rights for LGBTQIA+ people.
Men are socialized to be independent and inhibited, which often leads to loneliness and inability to communicate, which can lead to severe depression.
Transgender Day of Remembrance: Over the last decade, more than one person per month has died due to transgender-based hate or prejudice, regardless of any other factors in their lives.
The Male Stereotype
Acts as a leader
Strong personality
Willing to take a stand
Willing to take risks
-Center for American Progress
-American Psychological Association
When conforming would be uncomfortable or oppressive, people advocate for a new system that will fit their needs.
: Action in accordance with some specified standard or authority
(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
Where we observe conformity:
Religious Knowledge Systems
Cultural Knowledge Systems
Human Sciences
The Arts
Areas of Knowledge: History, Cultural&Religious Knowledge Systems, the Arts
Pros of Conformity:
Military Strength
Unifies countries
Preserves cultures and languages
Unified artistic movements
Cons of Conformity:
Creates oppressive systems/Closed Societies
Led to rewriting of history
Stagnates cultural growth
Loss of minority languages and cultures
Women in the military:
Opponents to integrating women into the military were surprised to find that the introduction of women did not disrupt any order.
Part of the rationale behind opposing integrating the military is that women are historically homemakers. The home is their place and the military is reserved for the men.
"Women have sought acceptance in a still-predominately male environment not by emphasizing their sex but rather by displaying their toughness, their willingness to adjust to conditions that are less than ideal."
Steven Lee Myers
, New York Times
Con of Conformity in the Military:
Pro: Unifies Countries
Conformity within a society can unify a country through their shared values, languages, and traditions.
Pro and Con: Preserves some cultures while erasing others from history
It was common practice for Victorian archeologists to deliberately chip off the noses of Egyptian statues due to the 'un-European' shape of the noses

While Greek and Roman cultures have been preserved through excavation, the parts deemed 'unrefined' by Victorian archeologists were erased (such as the paint of the statues).
Pro: Unifies Countries
Con: Creates Oppressive Systems
During times of war, countries historically unite with fervent patriotism. However, that patriotism also is historically xenophobic in that the majority of society comes together to oppress the minorities of their countries.
American Examples: Japanese Internment Camps, the Red Scare, the reaction to Irish immigration to America, Chinese Exclusion Acts
On the other hand...
Xenophobia could be viewed as a preserver of cultures. Because people are so unwilling to integrate their cultural beliefs and practices, we can see different, distinctive cultures from country to country, or even area to area. For example, the French have refused to become a part of the Supermarket Revolution and have therefore been able to keep a large market for traditional French ingredients and recipes.
Pro: Preserves Societal Customs
Some would argue that the gender roles taught to women from a young age are in place in order to preserve culture, because all throughout history (with a few noteable exceptions), women have been the homemakers and childrearers of society while men are the 'hunters' and providers, whether they are hunting actual food or for money.
Conformity is an integral part of our society and often times is not intuitive so much as absorbed from a very early age.
People conform as long as they are comfortable in society. When a level of discomfort is reached, people begin moving to change the norm so that conforming is no longer uncomfortable. However, it is unclear as to where the boundary between 'comfortable' and 'uncomfortable' lies.
Institutionalized Racism
Pro: Artistic Movements
Black drivers are about three times as likely to be stopped by the police while driving than white drivers (12.3% compared to 3.9%).
Les Nabis
This cult-like symbolist art movement centered around the idea of color and shape creating an experience.
While the subject matter of the Nabis vary, they all ascribed to certain principles.
Part of the reason that gender roles are so integrated into our society is that 'men and women were created differently'.
The movement fell apart as its members became more conservative and moved towards their own personal style.
Religious Knowledge Systems
Martin Luther left the Catholic church as a result of his discomfort with the practices of buying indulgences that was common during the 1500s. Conforming to the church, in his eyes, was sinful because he believed that their current practices were immoral.
King Henry VIII created the Protestant church in retaliation to the Catholic church, when they wouldn't allow him a second divorce. Conforming to the church would've kept him from marrying another woman, so it was uncomfortable for the King to conform.
During the height of the Roman Empire, Christians, who did not conform to the Roman religion (which viewed Cesar as holy), were fed to lions as sport or otherwise executed for their faith.
The Swing Kids of WWII
Part of the unofficial resistance to the Nazis during World War II was an unorganized group of German teenagers that loved jazz music and swing dancing so much that despite the bans placed on the genres by the Nazis, the kids continued to secretly buy records and have dances. They were a backlash of Hitler Youth, which forbade the listening to 'damnable jazz'.
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