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Where is the ARM Industry Headed?

No description

Kaulkin Ginsberg

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Where is the ARM Industry Headed?

Market segments will expand and contract but the U.S. will remain a vibrant credit economy overall.
Effectively managing accounts receivable will continue to be an essential component of a credit grantor’s success.
“The dearth of industry friendly regulatory or legislative action coupled with the steady increase in consumer complaints and litigation under a variety consumer financial laws make risk mitigation and compliance the #1 priority for any agency or debt buyer.”

-Rozanne Andersen
A strong wave of consolidation will occur as increased costs sets in and companies find it increasingly more challenging to operate profitably as a stand-alone business.
Where is the ARM Industry Headed?
Mike Ginsberg, CEO
Kaulkin Ginsberg
Debt Connection Symposium 2014

The intense regulatory environment is creating a true barrier-to-entry. This is good news for everyone involved in ARM.
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