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The Iroquois Indians

No description

M2K Kids

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of The Iroquois Indians

The Iroquois Indians By: Shannon Sangston
The Iroquois' home was special to them.The Iroquois Indians have lived in North America for thousands of years. Their home now is in Modern-Day New York State. They loved their homes.
They were a very cooperative tribe.The Iroquois lived in a village.The Iroquois housing is a longhouse. Their houses are made of bark from trees and wood. The houses don't have any windows.
The Iroquois Indians
Iroquois Arts and Crafts
The Iroquois' crafts were sooo cool. They loved to make snowshoes. The picture shows the corn husk mask they used to scare away evil spirits. I would love to make some of their art.
Iroquois Interesting Facts
The Iroquois were very interesting. Their three sisters are corn, beans, and squash. The women are more powerful than the men. Women farmed while men hunted. The Iroquois were fun!
Iroquois Clothing
The Iroquois clothing must be hard to make. All of their clothing and blankets were made of natural materials. Men and women both wore headwear. Girls wore overdresses with skirts. Boys wore kilts or breech clothes. Men and women both wore leggings. I would want to make some of their clothing.
I wouldn't want to eat the Iroquois' food. The Iroquois ate some of the food then saved the rest for later. they hunted and ate deer, rabbit, beaver, and bear. They were farmers and hunters. Their food was interesting.
Iroquois Food
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