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Building a Dynamic Community

No description

Diane Morris

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Building a Dynamic Community

is a groundbreaking, non-profit, middle and high public charter school for children with developmental and intellectual disabilities opening in Wake County, North Carolina in August 2014.

DCCS urgently requires additional funds to open

Dynamic Community
Charter School

Governmental funding does not cover many of the essential start-up costs
for equipping and furnishing a charter school and
is not adequate to provide the necessary specialized support for our exceptional students
, so Dynamic Community Charter School has launched our
"Building a Dynamic Community"
fundraising campaign to raise $100,000 by July 30th.

The DCCS Board is contributing $20,000 in donations to kick-off our campaign.

DCCS President,
Diane Morris

Additionally, our committed DCCS families are stepping up to this challenge, but the reality is that most DCCS families are burdened with the additional costs of raising children with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Our DCCS families cannot raise these funds alone.
We need your help
to build this Dynamic Community!

What will this dynamic Community be like?

A place for students of all abilities
to blossom and grow!

Education Plan
The DCCS Goal:

Diane Morris
DCCS Founder &
Board President
"I just feel like there’s no reason to give up on expecting our kids to continue to discover their potential in middle and high school".
Diane's inspiration for a revolution in education
Our Population
Our Students
We are excited, proud, and grateful to serve these capable students!
DCCS teachers will have a unique but exciting challenge, and we will support them in every way possible.
Lead teachers will oversee the development of projects and fulfillment of students' goals.
Teachers will set holistic goals for each student including academic and non-academic goals.
4) Teacher-Directed Programming
Why is DCCS a groundbreaking school?
At the DCCS, we believe students with
developmental and intellectual disabilities
can continue to grow and develop
throughout middle and high school.

DCCS believes that each student deserves an education that empowers them and unleashes their creativity and talents.

We believe that students' educations should equip them with the cognitive, problem-solving, and collaborative skills they will need in order to live independent and fulfilling lives as adults.
DCCS believes that all students deserve to be challenged, encouraged, and given the opportunity to be active participants in the learning process, and each student deserves a school environment that is safe, respectful, and where their opinions, personalities, and talents are valued.
Customized Education Plans
On August 25, 2014, Dynamic Community Charter School will welcome it inaugural class of 80 students in grades 6th through 10th.

Over the next two years, we will add an 11th and 12th grade to our program.
Our student population includes children with a wide-range of intellectual and developmental disabilities,
including but not limited to:

Autism Spectrum Disorders | Sotos Syndrome
OHI | Intellectual Disabilities | Dyspraxia
Down Syndrome | Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
1P36 Deletion Syndrome | Anxiety Disorders
To help our students bloom!
DCCS will provide them the thinking skills and dynamic intelligence that will enable them to learn from and work with others in the classroom, the workplace, or any recreational setting.
Mike Watkins believes that every student should have an IEP regardless of their levels of capability in any of the usual ways we measure it, because:

"it is an individualized education program…each student is different, and we must find what works for them.”
DCCS Lead Administrator
Mike Watkins
Mike is leading the way to help make DCCS a safe and productive environment for all students.
The DCCS educational program is built around four pillars:

1) Project-Based Learning
2) Competency-Based Grading
3) Collaborative Problem-Solving
4) Teacher-Directed Programming
Non-academic Goals May Include
Flexible thinking
Social Skills

the ability to rapidly adapt,
change strategies, and alter plans
based on changing circumstances.

Dynamic Intelligence:
1) Project-based Learning
Behavior challenges are a by-product of lagging cognitive skills in the areas of flexibility, communication, frustration tolerance, and problem solving.

We believe it is unfair to punish a student for lacking a skill; therefore, DCCS will not expel students or suspend students as punishment.

Instead, DCCS teachers and staff will work with parents and the student to develop a plan for teaching the student critical self-regulation skills.
3) Collaborative Problem-Solving
Project-based Learning (PBL) empowers students with the skills they need to live, work, and thrive in the unpredictable "real" world of higher education or the workplace.

PBL allows students to:
Put their academic lessons into practice.
Learn their lessons in a way that empowers them to use that knowledge in different settings.
Work on non-academic skills along with academic skills.
Work with fellow students of varying skill levels.
2) Competency-Based Grading
Our competency-based grading system will enable teachers, parents and students to gain a true and accurate understanding of the students’ abilities and will
empower teachers to develop customized academic goals for students based on their
current skills rather than their age-assigned grade level

Such a system ensures our students will not be left behind and will have the opportunity to learn, grow and develop.
Please join our
"Building a Dynamic Community"
campaign by visiting https://dynamiccommunitycs.donortools.com/my/funds/61516-Building-A-Dynamic-Community

With our community’s support, DCCS will revolutionize the approach to educating children with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Thank you for your investment in our school and these amazing students!

To learn even more about DCCS, please visit

Thank You
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