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What all happened to the people

No description

Britney Silmon

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of What all happened to the people

What all happened to the people at the Mauthuen?
How people died at the Mauthuen.
They died of:
Typhus and Dysentery (in mass epidemics),Gas,Shootings,Hung,
Mistreatment,Beaten to death,
Icy showers because after they took the shower they had to stay out side,Medical experiments,
Throwing prisoners at the electric fence.
The condition of the mauthuen.
Over crowded living quarters with no sanitation.
No running water. No toilets (they had to go to the bathroom in pits they dug).Small quantitys of food.
Reliable Resources
The sources are:
The people at the mausuen had to build the mauthuen and the living quarters.
They had to work in factorys and work 12 hours.
Work people did at the mauthuen.
The mauthuen was the worst camp because the jews had to build the camp and the living quarters.
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