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Sellers: no worries about selling with Jamie

No description

Jamie Flournoy

on 31 July 2018

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Transcript of Sellers: no worries about selling with Jamie

About Jamie
Licensed Real Estate Broker since 2003
Began with Coldwell Banker
Real Estate Boards
Knowledge of Area
Marketing Your Home
Why Hire Jamie?
Preparing Your Home
Staging Consultation
Estimate Your Net Proceeds
Handle All Paperwork/Disclosures
Limit Your Liability as a Seller
Negotiate on Your Behalf
Qualify Buyers
Explain Offer(s)
Customized Service
Leveraging technology to work efficiently
Jamie Flournoy
Marketing Your Home
Marketing Your Home
Marketing Your Home
Open House
Standard For Sale Sign
Meet with other brokers at GCAAR
Virtual Tour
Gorgeous photos

Listing Syndication
Color Flyers
Marketing Your Home
Social Media
Listing Syndication
Feedback on Showings
Why Hire Jamie?
Biggest Reason
to Hire Jamie???
Why Hire Jamie?
You'll receive weekly
reports from Zillow
and the MLS
Why Hire Jamie?
Customized Service
Why Hire Jamie?
Sample email to agents asking for feedback after showing
Marketing Your Home
Calls come directly to ME
Available 7-days a week
Knowledge of Contract Docs
Relationship with Other Agents/Brokers

Marketing Your Home
Virtual Tour
How Will the Buyer Find Your Listing?
Next Steps?
List Price
Listing Agreement
Seller Disclosures
HOA/Condo Docs
Suggested Improvements
Photo Shoot

Why Hire Jamie?
Buyer Factory
Neighborhood Specialist
Relocation Specialist
Buy Your Home
False Claims that I won't make!
13318 Catawba Manor Way
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