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Y11 Intervention AS#2

No description

Laurie Johnston

on 19 October 2017

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Transcript of Y11 Intervention AS#2

Y11 Intervention AS#2
England was well-governed, wealthy and Christian
England faced a threat from the Vikings
There were about 2 million English
Anglo-Saxon society was made up of Earls, thegns, peasants and slaves
it was possible to move up and down in society
in return for protection people owed service to their Lord
the King was the most powerful figure in the country
Make INDEX CARDS on the Succession Crisis

Cards to make:
House of Godwin
Edgar's Claim
William's Claim
Harold Hardrada's Claim
Death of Edward the Confessor
Exam Practice:

1. Describe two features of William's claim to the throne (4 marks - 6 minutes)

2. Explain why there was a succession crisis in 1066. (12 marks - 18 minutes)
You may use:
The House of Godwin
Edward the Confessor
You must also use information of your own

3. Harold Godwinson has the strongest claim to the English throne. Do you agree? (16 marks - 24 minutes)
You may use:
Harold Hardrada's claim
Edgar's claim
You must also use information of your own

Edward the Confessor had no children
The Witan chose the next King
Harold Godwinson was the most powerful man in England and claimed EtC had promised him the throne
William DofN claimed EtC had promised the throne to him
Harold Hardrada, King of Norway had the weakest claim but was powerful
Tostig was too young
England was wealthy, peaceful and well-governed
Last week's efforts:

WWW - most people wrote more, most people got at least half marks
EBi - WMMQ - write more, more quickly
PEE - you must back your points with FACTS/FIGURES/QUOTES
CONCLUSION - the 16 mark Q needs a conclusion
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