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The World by Christina Rossetti

No description

Mia Day

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of The World by Christina Rossetti

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The World by Christina Rossetti Technical words that apply to the poem. The poem is a sonnet
It is written in 1st person
Illiteration is used; "ripe fruits, sweet flowers, full satiety"
A rhetorical question is used at the end to create a mystery effect.
Repetition is used; "by day" is used three times to emphasise the contrast in day and night.
. In the first quatrain, Rossetti says the world is like a seductress; luring you with her 'soft' beauty - the highlights of life - then turning into a Medusa-like creature - the trials in life. The second quatrain says that the world is a place that is flourishing and satisfying but can change into a hungry beast. Themes of The World (AO1) Rossetti suffered from Angina when she was a child and so it has been suggested that this poem is about her struggle.
Contrasts between day and night, good and evil.
The Garden of Eden.
The world have both good and bad concepts, the devil is involved, there may be such a thing as Satan.
Greek myths are maybe involved, maybe portraying that the world is full of stories or lies, the myths shown are Medusa and the minotaur, both not very nice and both myths include hurting someone.
The world is a wonderful thing witholding such things as: "ripe fruits, sweet flowers and full satiety" but it can also be a nightmare, people can makethe natural world be a nightmare.`
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