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My Brother Sam is Dead Karen

No description


on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of My Brother Sam is Dead Karen

My Brother Sam is Dead
By: James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier
10 Vocabulary Words with Definition
4 Important characters of your book with a brief description of who they are
The Setting (Where does the story take place?)
Time Period
Summary of your book. 3 Paragraphs, beginning, middle and end.
Which character do you identify with? (Explain)
Would you change the ending of the book?
Why do you like this book?
1. Meddle - Interfere in someone else business.
2. Treason - The crime of betraying your country by spying for another country or by helping an enemy during war.
3. Prevail - To succeed in spite of difficulties.
4. Vile - Evil, immoral.
5. Injustices - An unfair action or treatment.
6. Clambering - To climb quickly and awkwardly by using the hands and feet.
7. Skirmish - A brief fight between two people or two small groups.
8 Apprentice - Someone who learns a trade or craft with a skilled person.
9. Cipher - To write in code.
10. Disarm - To deprive of the means to attack or defend.
In my book, My Brother Sam is Dead, one important character is Sam. Sam is Tim's older brother and he fights a lot with his dad. All his family is with the British and they are living in a different place. Sam is against the British because he thinks the British King shouldn't control the people where they live because they are far away. So Sam decides to join the war against the British. He left home and does not want to stop fighting.
Now, another important character in this book is Tim. He is Sam's younger brother. He is the one that does Sam's work ever since he left. He is the one that thinks his brother is brave. He thinks Sam gets all the attention and that he likes that. I think Tim is on his brother, Sam's, side. He is very nice and he would love to go outside to Verplancks or Fairfield. Well, 2 other important characters are Betsy and Life. Betsy is Sam's girlfriend and she is important because she (in one part of the book) takes Tim's letter and opens it because she thinks it is going to tell Mr.Burr where Sam and the others are. Betsy's full name is Betsy Read and she's a patriot. She is sort of like a messenger because she was telling Tim that Sam was coming back soon and then when he came she told Tim. Now, Life is the father and is important because he takes Tim out to Verplancks to sell sheep and on the way visit family members. He is very tough and smart and thinks Sam is rebellious. But he is important because with out him, the story wouldn't have the interest it has now. For example, with out Life, Sam would not be in trouble and then Tim would not be able to go to Verplancks. So that is why he is important. He adores the British King unlike Sam though.
The story takes place in Tim's house. His house is small and old. It has farm animals, a place where there is grass and it has a small opening where the tavern is. In the tavern there is beer milk and stuff like that to eat. The stuff in there gets sold because it is like a store and that is how they win money. Some other settings are between Fairfield and Verplancks. There, they meet "cow boys" and those "cow boys" try to steal their "beef."
The book is called My Brother Sam is Dead and is basically about Sam (the main character) leaving home and fighting against the British King.

In the beginning Sam comes home and he is wearing the "American Revolutionary Army" uniform and comes to eat and tell what has happened so far. His dad gets mad and when the guests leave or go to sleep or something like that he fights with Sam. Then after the fight finishes Life (dad) cries and then Sam leaves. He goes to Tom's hut and then he stays there with Betsy. Then Tim realizes Sam stole the Old Bess and he gets it back, but before he gets home Sam starts chasing him and then in the end Sam gets it back and then both enter the house but when Life sees Sam, he Sam, starts running away.

In the middle is when Tim is going to Verplancks point to sell animals to get money for the tavern. On their way there these cowboys try to steal their cattle but in the end leave.Tim and Life visit some family members and on the way back Life gets kidnapped/lost and Tim returns home at 12:00 p.m. and really devastated and tired and sad. Sam and his troops come to Redding and stay there through the winter.

In the end Sam is at home with his family and two cattle theifs come and try to steal their cattle but Sam goes and tries to stop them but they came up with a story saying Sam was the cattle thief and he was stealing the cattle. Sam was sent to a prison/jail and in the end end Tim gets sshot in the shoulder for trying to rescue Sam. But the next morning they kill Sam and other people because Officer Mr. Putnam is not so flexible and they shoot Sam and hang and whip some people 100 times. The saddest part is that Tim saw everything and after that the war for mother was OVER.

The time period when the story is taking place is during the "American Revolution." Like about the 90's, around that time. When the people in Redding were fighting against the British.
I think I identify with the characters named Betsy and Tim. I think I identify with them because with Betsy, she is curious and active like I. But with Tim he has an older brother and cares for him, like I have and older sister and I care for her. So I am like/between Betsy and Tim's characteristics.
No, I wouldn't change the ending of the book because then in the epilogue it wouldn't be the same and it sounds sad how Sam dies and it is a good ending like that and it makes it interesting like that so mama wouldn't attend the continentals and hated the people rebelling against British. Though it was also interesting how you didn't hear the roar of the gun/weapon that shot Sam and then his clothes started burning!
It is sorrow because there are deaths and a lot of details with the deaths too. For example, in one part Tim was going to a house and he saw someone's head cut off and bounce off to the floor! And it gave some details that were not SO necessary.
I think people who like wars would enjoy this book or revolutions. Maybe boys more though than girls. l like this book because it is interesting and useful information that the book gives you of how the time was back then.

Who would enjoy this book? Why would anyone want to read this book?

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