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computer game

misha olarrea

on 18 September 2011

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Transcript of poptropica

poptropica poptropica is a virtual world that there are islands that you have to beat. there are many islands that are out such as skullduggery island the newest one is wimpy wonderland that is about the diary of a wimpy kid and Manny escapes and you need to catch him. in skulldugery you have to fight the evil captain crawfish. my favorite island is spy island. you have to save 3 spies that are captured. it is very hard to beat. you should try to play poptropica. steamworks is a very hard island. it is about evil plants that take over the town and you need to stop them. and there is a robot named sprocket. i am sprocket. i am lucky rock in the mech with the weed killer gun. there is another hard island called astroknights and you have to go to planets to save a princess. there is an evil guy called king mordred and he has a robotic eye and half a metalic face. i am king Mordred. in astroknights you also need to kill different machines. such as the mother phionex and the tank dragon. the green thing is the tank dragon. and this is the mother phionex. at the end of astro knights you have to destroy one of mordred's machines. it is a very complecated machine that drops boms and shots lazer and has two twirrling swords. this is mordred's robot. an easy island is big nate island. you have to find a treasure. big nate always follows you around.
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