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The Art of Fangirling

No description

Taylor Oliva

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of The Art of Fangirling

Taylor Oliva
Maria Palacino The Art of Fangirling Fangirl; What is a Fangirl?! A fangirl is obsessed. A fangirl spends as many waking moments as humanly possible studying her favorite subject. A fangirl can list off the vital stats of their favorite subject in their sleep, and will often get off on a tear about the non-vital stats in social situations, only realizing halfway through their spiel that no one else really cares
And most importantly, a fangirl is never alone. Even for the most esoteric fandom, there are other fangirls and fanboys out there who comprehend the subtle beauty encased in a fandom, and they talk about it. Non-stop. Always. Forever a) a verb?
b) a noun?
c) a lifestyle? Fangirl Characteristics; You have probably heard this before. The first and most identifying characteristic of a fangirl is the squeal. It is high-pitched, loud, and also accompanied by grinning insanely, jumping up and down, and excessive hyper activeness. This is used to show the ultimate love for their fandom.
Example: EEEEEE!!!! HOUSE AND CUDDY ARE SOO GONNA GET TOGETHER NEXT SEASON!!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!! ch@tsp34k Some (I REPEAT: SOME.) fangirls type or speak in an illiterate way. I'm not sure why they do this. It seems they have no reason. (While most fangirls do actually type so you can understand them, there is always the chatspeak group.)
Example: omg dont u jst luvv harry and herminie 2gethr???? its lyke ttlly teh best ship evr!!! AHSHASHDFHKJFHFICANT The.... dark side. A fraction of fangirls have a bad side. Well, the majority of fangirls have a bad side. this bad side is likely to show if somebody disagrees with them. Usually it just involves glaring or excessive exclamation points, but there have been violent cases before.
Example: What do you MEAN you ship Booth/Angela?? EVERYONE knows Booth and Brennan are meant to be! I can't believe you! That is utter insanity!!!1! *ebulglare* OMG I MUST HAVE THAT!!!
(the Merchandise) One of the best known fangirl traits is excessive merchandise. Some fangirls go out of their way to have everything- the coffee mug, the light up pen, the lipgloss, the book bag.
Example: Don't you just LOOOOVE my Edward Cullen body glitter? I keep it in my edard and bella twilight bag! I also have my Cullen crest bracelet, and I keep my Alice Cullen keychain in the pocket of my Bella Swan jacket! I must be there! Syndrome Fangirls will probably do almost anything to do something related to their fandom. this means leaving sports practice early to watch that beloved episode, staying up late for the midnight book release, or canceling plans for a special event. They don't usually care about the consequences. (Note: The writer of this article does not encourage you to do what is in the example.)
Example: OH NOO! My cousin's wedding is on the same day of the Shanshu Awards! Oh, what shall I do? I joined Fanpop for the sole reason of participating in this!! Ah well. It's just a wedding. There will be more in my life. Besides, the Shanshu awards are WAYYY more important! And of course.... the moment Maria will never stop talking about EEEEEEE! (the squeal) How to be a fangirl; 1.Pick a Fandom
2.Learn everything you can (Memorize every
single detail of every character, band member,
celebrity sighting and sex scandal, and
publicity release for your particular fandom.
If you’re not sure what is important and what
isn’t, just learn everything anyway. You never
know what information might come in handy) 2. Get on a ship. In most fandoms, you’ll see everyone talking about ships. No, they’re probably not boat enthusiasts, so you should probably return all the scuba gear you just wasted money on. Ships (also seen as “shipping”) are pairings of characters or people in real life that fans would love to see become romantically or platonically involved.
Shipping can be done with anything. It is common to see fans that are members of two separate fandoms ship interfandom pairings How to be a Fangirl;
4.Retail Therapy T shirt or bumber sticker
5.. Just give up. You no longer have a life. You have sold your soul to your fandom. There is no turning back. You will never travel in an airplane without thinking you’re a part of Inception. You will never see an ad for Taco Bell without spontaneously yelling “Get inside me!” You have no family. You are an orphan just like Batman. You will never find a boyfriend because you’ll constantly be shipping yourself with everyone who looks at you. Not to worry, though. You still have your fandom, and they love you very much. How to be a Fangirl;
Cont. Types of Fangirls
By far, this is the least dangerous type of fangirl. A semi-fangirl really likes something, but doesn't cover her locker and walk-in closet with pictures of that something. *shudder* Type 1: The Semi-Fangirl Type 2: The Standard Fangirl She is quite dangerous. This predictable, but still-super-annoying, fangirl goes crazy every time the character/person that she's obsessed with is involved in a movie, featured in a magazine article, or mentioned on TMZ.
Sometimes a Standard Fangirl tries to pass as a Semi-Fangirl, either because she's embarrassed to be a Standard Fangirl, or because she realizes her obsession is particularly embarrassing (e.g. Teletubbies). Type 3: The Rabid Fangirl This is the most dangerous type of fangirl of all. Avoid her at all costs.
A Rabid Fangirl has life-sized posters of the characters/obsession on her wall. She's the type who sleeps less than four hours a night so she can reread or re-watch her obsession. She is the type that, if away from her obsession for more than half an hour, goes crazy and hyperventilates. Other Types of Fangirls: -The overemotional fangirl

-The overprotective fangirl

-The rich fangirl

-The creepy fangirl (STALKER SARAH)

-The hipster fangirl

-The persistent fangirl Stalker Sarah *cringe* Every fangirl's worst nightmare -Stalker Sarah is a well known fangirl who
has basically met EVERY celebrity; even the irrelevant ones.
-Its been rumored that her father is a paparazzi,
but this has yet to be confirmed. Moment of Silence;
The Fangirls of IB
(You may be shocked) Carly Misztal Kaelyn Hernandez (and yes, Justin pointed this sign out in the crowd while on stage) Isabella Kahle And others..... Ambar Mesa (Romeo Santos fangirl) Briana Lewis (also known as the moment when Maria got more than 100 Facebook likes) Lauren Blanco Kaitlyn Czenz
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