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No description

Gabriel Gozlan

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of SMART CAR

-Low fuel consumption, maneuverability
-Environmental friendliness
-Maximized interior space
-Six specific design factors contribute to IQ's minimal overhangs:
Forward windscreen location
Maximized cabin space and overall compactness
Flat fuel tank
Rear-angled shock absorbers
Smaller heater/air conditioning unit
Slimmer seat design. The electric-car battery technology situation Toyota IQ Aston Martin Cygnet •Two door body style with full width tailgate and 4 seats
•Bright aluminium front upper and lower grilles
•Bright metal side strakes with magnum silver mesh
•Bi-halogen headlights•led tail lamps•rear spoiler and diffuser blade
•Body coloured door mirrors, heated and electrically retractable
•Side turn indicators on outer door mirrors
•Rain sensing wipers
•Dusk sensing headlamps
•Front fog lamps Offline : Smart is very famous for their innovating campaigns
in France such as :

- Geolocation offline campaign
- Comparison on €/kg
- Unusual place. Online : Smart is also very present on internet with :

- Facebook Page
- Twitter (1st video with twitter)
- Youtube Page
- Very good internet site PESTEL Analysis Smart Political Social Technological Environmental Legislative Economic Offline & Online Communication -EU emissions standards: define the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in EU member states. -> Scrappage incentives -The influence of the french government on the car industry: -> bonus/malus for purchasing a car depending on its pollution potential -> loans made to french car companies -The era of the reasonable purchase: people tend to prioritize the cost and the reliable/practical aspect of the car they want to purchase. The brand -A strong social media: the Internet (forums, web page, social networks) can provide assistance to the customer and shape the image of the brand Development & implementation of technologies: -> Propulsion system
-> Battery (capacity, autonomy)
-> Safety
-> Accessories Respect of the environment is a necessary criterion for the cars of today and tomorrow. -> Recyclable materials
-> Eco-friendly components
-> Clever management of traded-in cars European objectives & regulations:

-Cars that consume more than 130g/km CO2 will be taxed from the 1st of January 2015.

-85 % of the mass of vehicles must be recycled at their "end of life".

-Car manufacturers must call back their vehicles if they appear to harm road safety, the public health or the environment. -Competitive environment, oligopoly

-Decreasing purchasing power of the customers

-Slow growth on the car market

-Rising fuel prices With its ultra-compact dimensions (2.34m long, 1.24m wide and 1.45m tall), Renault Twizy was born for urban driving. Homologated as a quadricycle (light or heavy depending on the engine), it ships with a choice of three trim levels and two engines, with or without a driving licence. Renault Twizy Renault Twizy has a range of 100 km over a standard urban cycle and can be fully recharged in 3 hours from a domestic socket, using a spiral cable located under the flap at the front of the car. To prevent thermal runaway and ensure long life span for the battery cells, all automotive battery chemistries require elaborate monitoring, balancing and cooling systems to control the chemicl release of energy. Lithium-ion batteries comprise a family of battery chemistries that employ various combinations of an- ode and cathode materials. Each combination has distinct advantages and disadvantages in terms of safety, performance, cost, and other parameters. At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Renault celebrated the official launch of Twizy with the DJ David Guetta and his wife Cathy Guetta, creator of the renowned club nights in Ibiza.
David Guetta brought on the music to herald the start of a one-year partnership with Renault to promote Twizy worldwide.
At the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the couple unveiled a unique Twizy model, inspired by the world of clubbing. Renault Twizy ambassadors The electric-car battery technology situation Toyota IQ Ambassador (2012) The French swimmer Amaury Leveaux will be the new Toyota IQ ambassador for 2012 year.

He will be driving an IQ City Racer, which is a special sport model of the IQ. The IQ Font Marketing Idea Thank you for your attention Quality/Reliability Price High High Low Low Toyota Yaris
Opel Agila
Chevrolet Spark Smart Fortwo
Peugeot 206 Nissan Micra
Suzuki Swift
Citroen C3 Dacia Sandero Citroen DS3 Group analysis of the urban car market Honda Civic BMW Serie 3
Mercedes CLS
Audi A8 Renault Laguna 2 Diesel Ranking E-volution of the market New Products Understanding the heart of the electric car Toyota IQ electric Honda EV-N New actors How Smart respond? Brands use specific battery types depending on their chosen targets in order to meet their demand. High quality product Creativity 1994 1988 1972 1998 2007 Johan Tomforde, a Mercedes engineer had
the idea to built a car who can avoid
the traffic jam... Nicolas Hayek inventor of Swatch wanted to apply the same model for swatch watch to a car : create a practical car, functional and totally adapt to the city traffic. A mini electric Car with interchangeable colors for the body. Association with Mercedes to create a compact car under the name of smart Swatch Mercedes Art car

Logo: C for compact & Arrow for "Forward Thinking" Launch of the first car Smart City Coupé Launh of the new Smart Fortwo: more comfortable, more agile, more sure, eco-friendler, adapt to the US market 2.69 and bigger space for the box Smart ForTwo FOR
WHO WHY WHAT TECHS A compact car for only 2 passengers for the use in the narrow streets of Europe's big cities.

Models: FOR two, Cabriolet, Crossblade
6 different colors: Black, Red, Beige, Metallic blue, Grey, Silver Ease of parking mind.

In theory, the smart car can be parked perpendicular to the curb in an urban parallel parking spot, not legal in France Urban Commuters who want to maneuver throughout city congestion & save on gas without giving up the comfort of a car. Safety Eco Friendly Small cars bring doubts on safety.

The TRIDION Safety Cell, a cage of high strenght steel. As strength as a truck. A small car and lighter than others mean less CO2 emissions !
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