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Antigone: Sophocles & Anouilh

Project for IB Junior English(2nd Semester) with Townzen

Jennifer Deets

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Antigone: Sophocles & Anouilh

* Different Characters/Characterization
* Altered/Added Scenes
* Order of Events
* Author's Style A Critical Comparison Between Sophocles' Antigone and Anouilh's Antigone What are some differences between the two Antigones? Differences Between the Plays: Scenes The order of events in Sophocles and Anouilh's versions is slightly different. Differences Between the Plays: Time Differences in the Plays: Style By understanding the differences in the two versions, you can access why the changes were made! How can knowing Sophocles' Antigone help you understand Anouilh's? Jennifer D. Gabi G. Gery H. While both Antigones follow the same plot, there are significant differences between the two.
*In Anouilh's version :
- Characters are softer
-The Chorus is more active
- The Nurse
- Haemon has a bigger role

*In Sophocles version:
- Characters are more cruel
- Chorus is less active
- Tiresias
- Haemon has a smaller role Differences Between the Plays: Characters Anouilh's Characters Anouilh Version :
* Creon gives Antigone the option to live
* Antigone displays her love for Haemon.
* Antigone is unsure why she is dying
* 'I tell you that I will not live without Antigone' - Haemon
*Only one person is the Chorus Sophocles' Characters * Added/Removed Scenes * Altered Scenes Anouilh adds and/or removes a few scenes from Sophocles' version *Love between Antigone and Haemon is not displayed.
*Creon is harsher to Ismene
*Creon displays his power more
* Antigone is sure in her cause
* 'And never will you set eyes upon my face again' - Haemon For Example: Anouilh adds a scene between Haemon and Antigone to develop their relationship and show the love between them.
Sophocles does not develop this relationship in the original Antigone. Sophocles Anouilh When Antigone is found burying the body Creon is quick to sentence her to death. He does not worry about Haemon and Antigone's relationship Creon: Absolutely: There are other fields for [Haemon] to plow (89, Sophocles). When Antigone is found burying the body Creon is willing to let her go at first. He wants Antigone to marry Haemon and give him a child. Creon: You're going to marry Haemon[...] you can give him a sturdy boy (31, Anouilh). Sophocles begins with the scene where Antigone is telling Ismene about her plan to bury their brother. Anouilh begins after Antigone has already talked to Ismene and buried her brother, and is speaking with the Nurse. * Why did Anouilh make Creon more merciful?

* Why does Anouilh create new scenes to display Antigone’s love for Haemon?

* Why doesn’t Anouilh tell the story in chronological order? Sophocles puts satire in his version of Antigone
- Later Shakespeare understood what tragedy is from Sophocles and beings to use satire in his plays as well. Anouilh could not put satire in his play because he needed to modernize the play to make sure the Nazis would not object to it.
- Real Tragedy has Satire. For Example: Satire
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