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QR Codes In The Classroom

The "What", "Why", & "How" Of Using QR Codes In The Classroom

Amanda Barber

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of QR Codes In The Classroom

Create QR codes!
in the elementary classroom
Before We Start....
* If you have a QR reader app on your smart phone, iPad, or tablet, you may use it or download a free app at this time. Search QR scanner in the app store or Google Play store.
Save on Google Drive
Rip your CD's to your computer
QR Codes:
What Are They &
How Can We Use Them In The Classroom?
Classroom Uses
Making Learning Interactive
Gallery Walks
Review Games
Scavenger Hunts
Easy access to multimedia
Links to data, graphs, charts, and maps
Share student learning
Book Reviews
Answer Keys
Clues, Tips, Extra Help On Assignments
Word Walls
Sound/Alphabet Wall
Read or write the room activities
Verbal or picture directions
Parent Communication
Video Tours
Interactive Posters
School, Game, Concert, Event Information
Text, Web Links, Images, Video Links,
Audio Links, PowerPoint, & Voice
What Are QR Codes?
How Can You Use In The Classroom?
How To Create QR Codes?
What Devices Do You Use?
Listening Centers

Place CD in drive
Open Windows Media Player
Click rip CD
Open your Google Drive account
Click upload files/folders
Upload audio books
Change privacy to public
Go to QRstuff.com or favorite QR code creator
Insert URL from Google Drive
Save the QR code as the title of the book
How To Create
QR Codes



http://qrvoice.net = QR Voice

Or Google search "QR Generator"

QR Generators

For plain text, select text option at http://goqr.me/
Type text, select download.
Select Web URL
Click on Image until you have a URL
Paste Into QR Generator
Download & Save
Images From Internet
Save picture to Google Drive or Dropbox in your public folder (new dropbox accounts do not offer this folder)
Paste URL Into QR Generator
Upload PowerPoint To Website (ex. www.slideshare.net)
Select Web URL
Paste URL
Download & Save
YouTube, Animoto, Videolicious already have URL's
iMovie would need to be uploaded to either YouTube, SchoolTube, or other site to get a URL

Additional Resources
Teachers Pay Teachers
Scavengers Hunt Generators

Need Help?

Email me: barbera@wawm.k12.wi.us

scan the code to follow along!

Printing QR Codes
Open Powerpoint
Insert > Photo Gallery
Check the box to include name of file
Add all of your photos
Print 6 or 9 slides per page depending on size you prefer.
PDF with
Interactive Word and Sound Walls
Word Walls
Quickly create QR codes using text to speech at http://qrvoice.net/

Name each QR code the word wall word
Save QR codes to a folder
Add images to a photo gallery in Powerpoint to quickly print all images.
Sound Walls
Record students reading their letter and sound
Upload sound clip to Google Drive and share like audio books
To download this file, scan the QR code or go to this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0gZ2wTGqd4aMFcxUkc5Ymd3Vkk/edit?usp=sharing
Amanda Barber
Kindergarten and First Grade
Next Generation Learning Teacher
Walker Elementary
West Allis-West Milwaukee
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