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No description

John Miller

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Tiulea

I think pugs are the cutest thing ever! I love them a lot pets remind me of my lovely family. And they have the cutest eyes!
The Grinch
This is my favorite Christmas movie. And I watched
this when I was very little. And I lovvvvvved it!
The Grinch is my favorite charecter and cindylou!
I love to eat pizza a lot and I put bacon
on it sometimes.It's very good!
I like the cheese and the peporoni so much.
I love to wear sneakers there very astonishing to me! Sneaker's
are like the best shoes in the hole world.
I like to play checkers a lot it's really fun,
but everybody thinks it's very boring, I
think it's a very good game!
I like to design very much and sketch! I want
to be designer when I grow up. And I want to
be a model too!
My Wonderful Thoughts
Buggy Board
I like to surf with these it is really fun!
It is just like riding a skateboard but you
just have to ride it in water.It is really

I like to paint, and do arts and crafts
I think it's very cool to do art. And
I like to do art because it makes
me very calm.
Jump Rope
I like to jump rope a lot you play many
games with jump ropes! It's really fun
to play with jump ropes.
Kinect Adventures
I like to play this game very
much! And this is a movement
kind of game.
Beach Cruiser
I like to ride these kind of bikes because they are beautiful
bikes and it has good seats. And nice handals too. Plus
these bikes can go really fast.
I have this kind of DS and it's also 3D. And I love
the apps on my DS It is so incredibal.
Tiulea Letuli
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