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How does water temperature affect fish?

No description

Jennifer Xiong

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of How does water temperature affect fish?

How does
water temperature

By Jennifer Xiong
Warm Areas and Cold Areas
Surface temperatures vary depending on area
Cold surfaces in Polar Regions
Warm surfaces in the Tropics
Seawater gets colder with depth
cathem catchem gotta cateche
Warm Places
Warm surfaces in tropics
affects of warm water

-more reproduction
-More eating
-Fast Growth
Warm wat
er can

increase fertility

duce 3 times more sperm in
Some fish eggs
need warm water

embryos need about 12°c or higher
warm waters
Food Consumption
warm water fish use a lot of energy
body requires more food and energy
eat plants and other small animals
The surface and coral reefs provide plentiful meals
temperatures affect quantity and quality
Fast Growth
enzymes work better in warm temperatures
faster metabolism
-a substance produced by a living organism that causes a specific biochemical reaction.
-the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life.
Contact with a Cold Environment
Metabolism rates slow down

warm water fish eggs die

little fish activity
Cold Places
Cold Surfaces in the polar regions
affects of cold water
-slow growth rates
-lower oxygen levels
-low energy requirement
Butter Bodies
fats solidify
molecules transfer slowly between cells
enzymes slow down in cold temperatures
Low Oxygen Levels
Dissolved oxygen amount indicates life possibility
breathe by absorbing dissolved oxygen through gills
photosynthesis releases oxygen into water
Slow and Steady Lifestyle
slow metabolism
less food consumption
less energy required
Contact with Warm Water
fish catch diseases and toxins easily
cold water eggs die
fish will disappear or be replaced by other fish
document-Water Temperature
"Ocean" by Macquitty, miranda
"expert guide: marine life" by Wright, Michael and Sparrow, Giles
Song: Zora's Domain-The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
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