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No description

Ryan Bastuba

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Disney

Origanal title
Table of contents
New title
Looking for sucess
2.An expanding empire
The Disney brothers made a newspaper buisness as kids
Time Line
Expanding a company
3. End of a era
Good things happend soon
4.Troubled times
The disney Depression
5. Growth and change
Towering the movies
Whos who?
Important person: Walt disney
Role/job: Founder
trait: Creative
Keyline/quote: we keep moving forward,opening new doors,and doing new things,because were curious......and curiosity leads us down new paths.
Whos who?
Important person: Walt Disney
Trait: Creative
Keyline: we keep mooving forward,opening new doors, and doing new things,because were curius.....and curiosity leads us down new pathes.
.Making Mickey mouse
He made snow white and the seven dwarfs
.Dumbo was also a very popular movie
.Disney land was also very popular
.At the end of 1995 more than a million people came
Marry popins made 44 million dollars
Splash made 69 million dollars
.Toy story and monsters inc both did amazing
When walt disney was 21 he whent bankroupt
They had to sell stock to stay in busness with money
The brothers borrowed money to create movies and a studio.
goat cancer society,
donate today
Disney lands restraunts were short of food and the water fountins ran dry at one time
The brothers created snow white and gained over $1million off of it.
Petes dragon did horrible as a movie
BAA save me!
only 999.99 a day, save a goat and be a hero.
They created Mickey Mouse as their star character
Pinocchio and fantasia made less money than they did to make it
1.In search of sucess
Walt disney created Disney land in California
most rides broke down and people were very unhappy with Disney co.
making a disney
movie studio.
creating snow
white and the
seven dwarfs
and got over
1 million off it.
walt Disney started to create Epcot and Disney world in Florida
Walt Disney Died and Roy Disney took over making Disney world to Walt disney world
2 months later Roy Disney died and walker took over with Roy's son
creating mickey mouse
as their mascot
linear string
the present day, Walt Disney left his mark in Hong Kong, California, Florida and several other parts in Earth
A new place called Hollywood studios also appeard
Walt Disney movies are still being created by Disney producers
they started to create
war patches
world war 2
people werent as
almost went bankrupt
and almost lost
Walt Disney created
Disney Land in California
several rides broke down
ane people were very unhappy
Walt Disney Sarted to
create Epcot
and Disney World
Walt Disney died
and Roy Disney took over later
Roy Disney died and Walker
Today different theme parks
and memories are left throug
out the world to represent the
today the Disney co. is still
movies and characters
for the very first founders
Where are they now
Disney created/attempting to make presents in india,and germany. Also creating disneyland explorer for "Ipad"
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