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Writing A News Report

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Jeremy Vaters

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Writing A News Report

Writing a New Report WHO? The first step to writing a news report is brain storming the content of the news report based on the picture you are given. In this photo the title is "Teachers Meeting"based on the photo you have to think about what the news report will be about. When brainstorming you have to remember the 5 W's. What? In a news report the who represents who the article involves and who its about.
For example:
Teachers at Bradford District High School
If there was only one person in the photo you have to be specific, give there full name and age. In a news report the what represents whats happening in the photo.
For example:
Teachers meet to discuss bullying and its consequences When? In a news report the when represents when the event in the article took place.
For example:
January 15, 2013 at 5:00pm Why? In a news report the why represents why the event in the photograph took place.
For example:
Due to the increase in bullying, the school had a meeting and decided to make punishment more severe for student who bullied other students. The First Paragraph Now that you have brainstormed your news report its time to write it. A news report is broken into three paragraphs. The first paragraph will be you answering the 5 W's using the details you brainstormed. The first paragraph should be vague and not have alot of detail, the detail will lie in the second paragraph. Writing The Report In a news report the where represents where the photo is taking place.
For example:
The Bradford District High School Gymnasium Where? The Second Paragraph The second paragraph will be the body of your news report, and will contain all the details. In this paragraph you will expand the 5 W's with more detail. You will also need to have one eye witness account in the form of a quotation, this means you have to make up what some one says that was there ie. Cindy Lou the principal of Bradford District High School said, "I'm glad we were able to have this meeting, bullying needs to have more consequences". The Third Paragraph The third is paragraph is your conclusion. It should contain extra details about the article and it could provide extra details on future plans. You could right about if the meeting that the teachers had solved anything or what the punishment for bullying is. After you have finished writing the report make sure you read it over and fix anything that needs to be corrected Writing Tips Always write in third person (he, she, it, they)
The headline is an important clue to what happened. Rephrase it in your opening paragraph
Do not refer to the news reporter in the event, it is not a TV report avoid phrases like "We are standing here with Mary Malone...."
Do not state your own a opinion ( don't use the word "I") Jeremy Vaters
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