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Postman and Adorno on passive audience

No description

Andre Nunes

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Postman and Adorno on passive audience

Who is Adorno?
Adorno's Beleifs
Adorno believes that capitalism encourages people to consume pointless text from the 'Culture Industry" so the audience are passively satisfied and so that they have no interest in politics. Adorno has similar views to Karl Marx but Marx was more focused on the the economic aspect of capitalism. Adorno focused on how culture played its part in keeping the status quo ( keeping things the way they are) so people don't try and go against the capitalist system .
Commodity Fetishism
A commodity is an item thats produced to satisfy someones needs.
Fetishism is where someone has a blind devotion to something.( Fetishism also has more than one meaning)

This theory is about how we enjoy and take pride in products more if it is expensive. This means that our social relations and cultural experiences are objectified in terms of money.

For example we would take more pride in driving in a sports car rather than driving in an average car.
Culture industries
Adorno states that the culture industries mass produce low quality meaningless products, instead of products that challenge peoples views on life. Culture industries incorporate false needs into us. These needs are manufactured by capitalist and benefit the capitalist system. These false needs replace our true needs of things like creativity, freedom and transparency.
Postman and Adorno on passive audience
Theodor W. Adorno was a German, sociologist, philosopher and musicologist. He had strong Views on Fascism and the so called "Culture industry". He wrote the books "Dialectic of Enlightenment", "Minima Moralia" and "Negative Dialectics" which which has influenced new left wing views.
Adorno believes that popular media text especially music products are standardized, this means that they all follow a certain formula. He believes every artist of every genre follows a certain formula to produce their music,this means that all artist basically make the same music as other artist in their genre, this also means that music artist continuously produce the same music. Adorno also says that they will be the odd artist that tries to make their music seem unique and different when its not really, this is psuedo individualisation.
To sum up he's theory. He argues that media and TV in particular guides people away from talking to each other or questioning the oppression occurring in their lives. He thinks people just passively consumes the rubbish that's in the media everyday ,
Adorno's theory is quite old and media, especially music have change since he's made this theory so it can be quite con traversal and hard to apply it to modern times.
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