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Cartha Labs

No description

Ali Alatas

on 17 January 2018

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Transcript of Cartha Labs


Certified Women Owned Business
Current Distribution
VShot & El Vigor
Male Endurance Formula
Proven Formula! Over 5 MILLION 2 Pks sold!
Natural ingredients
Helps increase stamina
Amazon Review
Most SRPs
under $10

High End
Superior Formulas
Airless Pumps?
Innovative Airless Pump Technology for Controlled Smooth Pumping
Puronyx, Inc (wholly owned subsidiary of Cartha Labs, Inc.).
See What People Are Saying About
Walmart.com Review
Website Review
"I recommended this to all my buddies. One little bottle of VShot and I was ready to go."
-Leo M
Good Margins
5 Stars
5 Million

Viral Youtube Video Campaign
Google Adwords
Website SEO
Animation Telenovela/Educational Physician
Weekly sweepstakes all social media
Blog Influencer Program
Digital Coupons
Ask my mom, Ask a Doctor blog
Email Blasts
Affiliate Marketing

TV Spots
Print Ads
Quarterly Expo's &Trade Shows
Radio Spots
Cold Calling
How We Are Different?
Airless pump tubes provide a no mess
experience (Women's #1 complaint)
Tube provides 10-12 acts of intimacy
Product selection developed for Hispanics & Non-Hispanics
5 Million Robust marketing
Every Day Low Prices with healthy margins
Elegant, discreet, convenient packaging
Healthy Formulations;
No Parabens

Power and Libido
A formula with
over 5 Million Single Bottles sold
Helps increase vitality
Targets Hispanic and Non Hispanic Markets
Sold Individually

One Shot: I'm King of the Jungle
We Are Unique
Juntos Reinventing Together
Product Line
Helps restore friction
Gently lubricates
No Parabens
Feminine Rejuvenation Cream
Feminine Arousal Gel
Helps enhance sexual sensation & pleasure
Exotic Natural Ingredients
No Parabens or Propylene Glycol
Silicone Lubricant
4 High Quality SIlicones
Works great under water
Extra sleek and smooth
Fruit Flavored Lubricant
Exotic, premium ingredients
Scrumptious Strawberry Flavor
Taste the love
No Parabens

Water Based Lubricant
Quenches thirsty skin
Never sticky
Long lasting and easy to clean
No Parabens
California C-Corp established
Social Media Sweepstakes/Contests
Juntos Sexpert Series
Juntos Ladybugs Spot
Juntos Print Ads

#1 Seller
Endless Fun!
Marketing Strategy
Ask My Mom
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