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LTC History

An overview of the what, who, and when of the Learning Technologies Center

Keith Braafladt

on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of LTC History

Keith braafladt
asia ward
Dan haeg
Our Approach
Our Mission

Kristen murray
Kristen poppleton
We frame accessible
and relevant doorways
into learning
Our facilitation
models an
inquisitive approach
We think
and creatively
about learning environments
We maintain and develop
partnerships to construct
and share knowledge
We reflect critically
on our practices,
and we use these
lessons to explore
new possibilities
We develop engaging
experiences to inspire
learning that extrends beyond
our time with participants
thinking creatively
communicating clearly
analyzing systematically
collaborating effectively
designing iteratively
learning continuously
21st Century
Learning Skills
Learning with Scratch

Janet groenert
Weekend and summer classes and camps
Youth Computer Center
a focus on both media/web development
and educational program development
Learning Technologies Center
Learning Technologies Center (to 2010)
focusing on program and professional development
4 FT and 3 shared/occ staff
18 instructors and youth assistants

Over 4000 hours of workshops provided
A direct audience of 2000
Professional development and training for 50 adults and teens
These are some of the critical techniques,
mechanisms, and beliefs that comprise
LTC’s approach to STEM education.
We develop activities that are utilized regularly by nearly every department in Education and SMM public events.
The climate in LTC is one that supports creativity and LTC has been a place where experimental ideas can develop and take root.
LTC broadens the museum’s reach, not just locally, but nationally
as well.
fee-based programs,
contracts, grants
our approach,
and findings
Our ability to
our work
with technology,
& potential partners
Time for R&D
Engaging youth and adults,
students and teachers in
self-directed, creative, and
meaningful learning experiences
using traditional and
emerging technologies.
Sabrina sutliff-gross
peter kirchmann
adam wiens
bryan kennedy
natalie rusk
josh seaver
amanda luker
molly reisman
roger barrett
morgan l'argent
thai chang
asha elgonda
liz roten
ashante alford
may-ling li
abdi mohamed
milton ramos
rachel berglund
gaouha moua
erick lee
Jordan gilliard
Learning Technologies Center (to 2012-Present)
focusing on public programs and professional development
1FT and 2PT 2 Intern staff
70+ volunteers

Professional development and training for 50 adults and teens
delivered over 100 hours of professional development
A direct audience of 25,000
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