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Usability evaluation And comparison of windows 8, windows 7

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fatima Abdulmohsen

on 24 December 2014

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Transcript of Usability evaluation And comparison of windows 8, windows 7

Down By :
Fatimah Abuali

Kawthar Al-Rasasi
1. Problem.
2. Background.
3. Requirements Analysis.
4. Evaluation.
5. Results.
6. Discussion.
7. Conclusion .
That in our research we are comparing the usability of two versions of windows which are:

Requirements Analysis
• PCs working with Windows 7 & windows 8.
• list of tasks.
• Usability questionnaire.
• Find 20 participants and evaluate their performance.


windows 7 and windows 8 don't have a very big different in usability.

Participants :

Numbers: 20 participants.
Age: ranging from 17 to 30.
Education Level : most of them are university students ,some of them are secondary students and the rest are have a high school certificate and all of them have an experience with using MS windows system.

Results :
In our project we evaluated the usability of Windows 8 and Windows 7 with respect to effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction.
Usability evaluation And comparison of windows 8 and windows 7

We gathered information on how the interfaces presented in Windows 7 and windows 8 are received and what types of problems that come with them.
Usability testing has been used to evaluate interface designs since the start of 1980s. It is an empirical research method which means it gather information through observations. This information is used to eliminate design problems and minimizing the frustration of using the product.
Evaluation procedure
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows 8
Open Microsoft office word and write your name then print it.
: Create a new user account for the PC.
Open some picture which is in desktop then return to desktop without close it.
: Search for ( HCI project .docx ) file in PC.
Search for Untitled.png picture on downloads file and set it as a desktop background.
From control panel uninstall Netbeans program from the PC .
Copy two files from document file and paste it in to desktop.
Click on start icon then open Skype program then click on start again and open mail then switch between them.
Create a new folder in desktop then name it Pic.
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