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Conventions of Science Fiction

No description

Stephanie Hernandez

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Conventions of Science Fiction

What is Science Fiction?
Several Characteristics of
Time travel
Futuristic Settings
Advanced Technology
Space travel is a common element of sci-fi, regardless of whether or not it features contact with aliens.

one of the MOST common types of Science fictions used.
-leaves us humans, in suspense...
Time Travel
Possible based on potential technologies, using scientific knowledge
Can be to the future OR past
Conventions of Science Fiction
By: Garrett Tonjes
Ariane Cuvillon
Rachel D'Cunha
Stephanie Hernandez

Futuristic Settings
Advanced Technology
Society is the antagonist
Often run by totalitarian government
Society gives up A for B
Often knowledge for technology in Science Fiction
Citizens often deceived by technology
Future shows dangerous part of society today
Often in future or an alternative timeline
Allows reader to form a neutral, unbiased opinion
New Technology
New Scientific principles
New forms of society or government
Props/ Descriptions help us visualize
Allows mind to connect to reality
Development of new technology
Sparks reader's imagination
Explains characters mindset or abilities
Allows the reader to connect to current technology
Writers often almost "predict the future"
Ex. Seashells in Fahrenheit 451
poop in regular
Tells about science and technology of future
Relationship with science, or fantasy
Human elements and explain how
Set in future, space, different world, universe or dimension
Exploration, uses all themes of science Fiction
-- depicted through, Space and Futuristic Settings etc.
"Explore popular societal or cultural issues through a sci-fi setting"
--Common social issues include a world destroyed by war
Beings not originating from our planet
Central characteristic, directly connects with others
Can be friendly, or mortal enemy
Superheroes are considered science-fiction by their technical means.
-Extraordinary Characteristics

Superman, Spiderman, Batman, X-Men, Hulk, etc.
Use technology in their good-doing quests
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Mr. Tharin's Dystopia notes
Science fiction tells about science and technology of future, relationships with science, or fantasy, human elements and explains how, is set in future, space, different world, universe or dimension.

Characteristics of Science Fiction include:
• Time travel
• Aliens
• Futuristic Settings
• Advanced Technology
• Exploration
• Dystopia
• Superheroes
• Space

Science fiction is a universe of possibilities
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