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History Lesson On The North West Mounted Police


Kausar Palejwala

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of History Lesson On The North West Mounted Police

The North West Mounted Police.

By Kausar and Tina
Who are The North West Mounted Police ?

The Northwest Mounted Police is a permanent force which was created by Prime Minister John A MacDonald.
When was the NWMP created ?
The North West Mounted Police force was created in 1873.
For what reasons was the North West Mounted Police force created?
The NWMP was created by the government to stop the many crimes which were occurring in the West.
..... and some of those problems were................
One of the major problems in West was the illegal whiskey trade. The North West Mounted Police had to take action, as the liquor consumption was leading to many problems.

The whiskey had a terrible affect on the lives of the First Nations, as they did not have any access to alcohol before the arrival of the Europeans.
They were also sent there so they could establish law and order, supervise treaties between the First Nations and the federal government, and to fight prairie fires.
John McDougall (RCMP officer) was sent to the Blackfoot Territory, where he made a promise that the NWMP would stop the crimes that were occurring such as horse stealing, and illegal whiskey trading. They were also promised that they would be treated equally in the "eyes of the law". Blackfoot’s Chief, Crowfoot, agreed with John McDougall, as wanted to create peace within his community.

Promises to Blackfoot
The North West Rebellion
Preventing Indian Wars
In the late 1800's, in the western U.S there was conflict between the settlers and Native Americans, and Canada did not want this to happen to them. The solution for this was.... have the
NWMP set up forts and control the whiskey trade. The North West Mounted Police also developed friendships with the First Nations so the First Nations wouldn't attack or start a war
In 1885, the Metis requested their own land, food, and police force. The government ignored their demands, causing an uprising. The Metis convinced the Cree, and Blackfoot to be on their side. During this time many battles occurred, and with the help of the NWMP, Canada ended up winning.
Klondike Gold Rush
In 1886, many people traveled to Yukon in search of gold. The population also began to increase rapidly, so the NWMP members were immediately sent there to maintain order, and prevent crimes. After this, the reputation for their assistance and protection went up.
Americans were crossing the border in order to trade whiskey to the Aboriginal people in exchange for buffalo hides and horses, which was illegal. Soon, the Aboriginals became highly addicted to the whiskey, which often led to death.
Why was the Whiskey Trade Harmful to the Aboriginals?
How the NWMP helped our country...
The Numbered Treaties
The numbered treaties were 11 agreements the government made for the Aboriginal people. The government needed the land that the First Nations lived on for the Canadian Pacific Railway. The Treaties promised to reserve land for them to live in, hunting lands, money, and health care. The NWMP had a good relationship with the First Nations, which convinced many of the First Nations to sign the treaties.
The North West Mounted Police were involved in.....
North West Rebellion
South Africa War
First World War
Second World War
In 1874, the government wanted strong, powerful men who could ride horses and could read and write in English or French.
Hence, The NWMP continued to hire men who met the criteria
Don't have to meet previous criteria but do a timed physical test.

*In 1920 The North West Mounted Police changed their name to Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The RCMP is now, the largest police force in Canada

The RCMP has about 26 000 officers and civilian employees

The NWMP wear bright red uniforms to distinguish them from the U.S Calvary whom wore blue uniforms

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