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Elections 2010

No description

Celeste Goundar

on 17 September 2010

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Transcript of Elections 2010

Elections 2010 There are 150 electorates in Australia. And only 150 seats in the house of reprasenatives A party like Labor or Liberal
Will need 76 seats to win the
election. In the election of 2010 no party lead to 76:( Four independants and one greens member
won important seats in Parliament These new Powerful reprasenatives have the power to decide who becomes our new Prime minister.After the election,The lilberals have won 73 seats while Labor has 72.The greens member Adam Bandt had chosen to go to Labor so this gave labor 73 seats. So they had to fight to the finish
There are 150 electorates in Australia and there are 150 seats in the house of Reprasenatives!!! They need 76 seats to Win!!!!! In the elections of 2010 neither of the parties reached 76 seats to govern Australia Four independents and a green member won important seats.
Which means that for either
of Liberal or Labor to win the Government they had to bribe to get either the Independants or the Green memberAdam Bandt, Tony Windosr, Rob Oakshot,Bob Kattar or Andrew Wilkie to win the 76 seats!!! Thanks For watching my PREZI Kattar had chosen to go to Liberal so this gave Liberal 73 seats!!!! So this leaves it all to Rob Oakshot,Tony Windsor and Andrew Wilkie to decide who will be our new Prime Minister!!!!! So the three men decided to go to Labor so this gave Julia Gillard the spot of being Australia's first female Prime Minister!!!!!!!
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