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BUAD 307

Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Julianne Levinson

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of BUAD 307

Our Destination
Our Product Guarantee
Increase lifelong and loyal travelers
Utilizing innovation as a core part of our brand image
Ultimately increasing profits
GPS tracking luggage tag: "Track Tags"
Luggage tracking feature in our current app
Individual TV monitor notification when luggage is secured on board and as it arrives at the final destination
Can be used to track luggage lost by another airline
*service fees apply
Flying has become a more regularly used mode of transportation
Need for a more reliable luggage tracking service
approximately 3,000 bags lost every hour of every day
Target Audience
To meet the current market needs, we must focus on our target audience and our competitors:
Frequent flyers life-long customers
Any traveler
Virgin Atlantic competes with the airlines which lose luggage least:

Airline Lost Bags per 1,000 passengers
AirTran Airways 2.59
Hawaiian Airlines 2.83
Northwest Airlines 3.18
JetBlue Airways 3.26
Continental Airlines 3.61
Implement use of GPS tracking luggage tags
Add luggage tracking feature to current phone app
Add luggage tracking feature to map on seat-back TV
5 Steps to Safe Luggage
Market Strategy
Our product and service aligns with the concerns and need of every traveler
Enhance our current position in the market as the most innovative and luxurious airline
Develop "No Lost Luggage" ad campaign for our website, travel websites and agencies, magazines, and TV
Our GPS luggage tags will be distributed to each passenger upon check-in for their flight
The GPS tags will be given to each customer to keep for life
Market Opportunity
Who We Are?
Each GPS luggage tag will cost approximately $5 to make
These costs will be incurred by Virgin Atlantic
$10 charge for second or replacement tag
No increase in ticket prices
If a customer has our GPS tag and loses their luggage on another airline, we can find the luggage for a $15 service charge
Focus on leisure and business markets

Safety, security, and consistent delivery

Innovation in everything from check-in services to flying experience
Julianne Levinson, Remi Levoff, Michael McKenna, Brad Gordon, and Dillon Morgan
Reasons for lost luggage:
Routing label damaged
Attendant types in wrong destination
Bag is loaded on the wrong plane
Our product will solve all of these problems.
Complimentary GPS luggage tag upon check-in
GPS device activated and linked to customer boarding pass
Customers can "watch" their bag during the flight via personal TV screens
Notification sent through app and TV screen relaying specific baggage claim information
Leave on the GPS tag for future travels whether with Virgin Atlantic or another airline
Target Market
All ages, races, gender
middle to upper class income levels
all frequency of flyers including those who fly once a year vs. weekly
Marketing Strategy
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