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Copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles

No description

Alexandra Potapova

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles

The Hound of the Baskervilles
The Crime Scene
10-11 o'clock PM
Barrymore went out to look for Sir Charles around midnight and found his body.
Murphy, a drunk horse dealer, claims he heard cries.
The Curse of the Baskervilles has been around for centuries all leading back to Hugo Baskerville. He was in love with a maiden who didn't love him back. Because of her rejection, he kidnapped her and locked her away in a room. While he and his friends were drinking, she escaped and ran out across the moor. He chased after her. His friends chased after him only to find the girl's dead body and a gigantic hound tearing out Hugo's throat. Ever since the Baskervilles have died in mysterious ways. Villagers believe the Hound killed Sir Charles.
Sherlock Holmes- the detective

Dr. Watson- the side kick

Sir Charles Baskerville- victim

Sir Henry Baskerville- victim

Seldon- other affected

Dr. Mortimer- other affected
The Murder of Sir Charles Baskerville
Back alley
Crime Scene
Main Characters
The Suspects
Occupation: Escaped convict living on moor
Motive: He had a vicious past of attacking people
Opportunity: He was living on the moor
Alibi: None
Mr. Stapleton
Occupation: Naturist
Motive: None
Opportunity: Lived on the moor
Alibi: None
Laura Lyons
Occupation: Typography Business
Motive: She needed money for a divorce
Opportunity: She asked Sir Charles to meet her by the gate at 10 o'clock
Alibi: Claimed she didn't go
Occupation: Baskerville butler
Motive: Recieves money if Sir Charles dies
Opportunity: He was at the house that night and knew where Sir Charles was walking
Alibi: He was inside packing Sir Charles' clothes for his trip to London

Mysterious Letter
Missing Boots
Cab Driver
Letter from L.L.
Letter arrives at Sir Henry's hotel room saying "As you value your life or your reason keep away from the moor" (21). Each word from the sentence is made up of clippings from some type of newspaper or magazine. The last word "moor" is hand written in ink.
1. The writer must have been in a hotel because the pen used to write "moor" was from a hotel.
2. The words were cut using nail scissors from the Times Newspaper.
3. The writer must have been someone the main characters would come across because the hand writing was disguised.
4. The writer was in a rush because the letter was put together poorly.
Sherlock sent the mail boy, Cartwright, to every hotel in the area to check the day before's trash in search of the newspaper.
Sir Henry put his new brown boots outside his hotel room for them to be cleaned. That morning one of the boots was missing. Then next day his old black boot disappeared while he was at Sherlock's house. When he left his hotel room for lunch, his brown boot was returned.
Sherlock could not think of any connections between the missing boots and the Baskerville case.
Cab Driver
Sherlock spots a man in a cab following Sir Henry. Sherlock tries to chase the car but only catches a glimpse on the license plate number: 2704. The man in the cab had a thick black beard.
Sherlock believes the man in the cab may have been wearing a fake beard to hide the identity.
Sherlock calls the cab company to report the cab driver. This brings the cab driver to Sherlock's house. When Sherlock questions him, the cab driver says the man in his cab claimed to be a detective. When the man got out he called himself Sherlock Holmes. This means the man in the cab knows about Sherlock's involvement in the case.
On the day of Sir Charles' death, Barrymore gave him one letter. Barrymore didn't look at it but he remember Sir Charles only received one letter that day. When Barrymore cleaned out the fire pit's ashes, he saw the remaining corner of the burned letter. It said, "Please, please, as you are a gentleman, burn this letter, and be at the gate by ten o'clock" (76). It was written in a lady's handwriting and signed with the initials L.L. The letter crumbled when Barrymore touched it.
Watson did not have any deductions except to ask about a name with the initials L.L.
Watson talked to Mortimer and he suggested the initials belonged to Mrs. Laura Lyons. Watson tracked her to Coombe Tracy. He learned that her husband was abusive and she needed money for a divorce. She wrote to Sir Charles asking him to meet her so she could describe her need of the money. She ended up deciding not to go because some else gave her the money.
Seldon was a Red Herring because he is presented as a dangerous criminal who was loose on the moor. Selden had escaped from prison and there was a massive man hunt for him. He was a dangerous criminal who was know for his vicious crimes. Also, as far as they knew he was the only person living out on the moor.
Later in the story they discovered that he was only hiding for his life and wanted to get out of the country. Finally at the end when he dies it clear he was just another victim.
Red Herrings
The Barrymore's
The first thing that made the reader suspicious was the fact that the man in the cab had a big black beard just like Barrymore's. Then Watson heard Mrs. Barrymore crying in the middle of the night but Barrymore denied the fact that she was crying. The tipping point was when Watson caught Barrymore sneaking around the house in the middle of the night.
It turns out that Seldon was Mrs. Barrymore's brother and they were providing him with food. Barrymore would put a light in the window when he was ready to deliver food. Then Seldon would give in a return signal to show Barrymore where he was. All the Barrymore's were doing was providing food to a family member.
Mr. Jack Stapleton
He was behind the murder of Sir Charles, Seldon, and the attempted murder of Sir Henry.
Sir Charles was murdered at Baskerville Hall
Seldon was murdered on the moor
Sir Henry almost died out on the moor
Stapleton dad was Sir Charles' brother but he went to live in South America. Stapleton then moved back to England with his wife. His plan was to kill Sir Charles and Sir Henry so then he would be the heir.
Sir Charles' Death
Stapleton knew Sir Charles had a heart problem and was very superstitious. He went and bought the most vicious dog he could find and kept him in the Grimpen Mire. Then he used phosphate to make the dogs eyes and mouth glow. Then he got Laura Lyons to fall in love with him. He had her write the letter to Sir Charles and then persuaded her not to go. Since Sir Charles was waiting for Laura Lyons, Stapleton knew exactly where he would be. He brought the Hound to Baskerville Hall and let him loose. Sir Charles was terrified and tried to run. This fear and his heart condition caused cardiac arrest.
Sir Henry's Attempted Murder
Originally Stapleton had tried to eliminate Sir Henry in London. Stapleton and his wife went to London and Stapleton was the man in the cab. Mrs. Stapleton wrote the note trying to warn Sir Henry. Once Stapleton saw Sherlock Holmes, he decided to attack Sir Henry back at Baskerville. He stole Henry's boot to give the Hound the scent of Henry. The Hound attacked Seldon because he was wearing Henry's clothes. Finally, Stapleton got Henry to come over for dinner which forced him to walk back on the moor. Then Stapleton released the Hound. Sherlock got there in time to shoot the great Hound and chase Stapleton.
Scene 1
Sir Henry Baskerville and Mortimer come to visit Sherlock and propose that he helps them. Dr. Mortimer explains the situation that they are in including the story of Hugo Baskerville.
Scene 2
Sherlock and Watson tail Sir Henry and Dr. Mortimer in hopes to find a tail. They spot a man in a cab watching Sir Henry. Sherlock tries to chase him but can't catch up.
Scene 3
Watson travels with Sir Henry to Baskerville Hall. There they learn that the Barrymore's are going to retire. Watson hears crying in the night and asks Barrymore if he knew anything about it. Barrymore lies even though his wife had been crying.
Scene 4
Watson goes to the post office and meets Mr. and Ms. Stapleton. As they talk on the moor, they hear a howling sound. Ms. Stapleton runs up to Watson, thinking he is Henry, and tells him to stay away. Later that night Watson finds Barrymore sneaking around the house. It turns out he was signaling Seldon to pick up the food. They try to chase Seldon and see another mysterious man watching over them on the moor.
Scene 5
Barrymore tells Watson about the slip of letter he found in the fire. Watson tracks down Laura Lyons and finds out that she planed to meet Sir Charles on the night of his death but canceled because she received the money she needed. On the way back from visiting her, Watson stops by Mr. Frankland's house. It turns out that Mr. Frankand had seen the mysterious man on the moor. He sends Watson off in that direction.
Scene 6
Using Mr. Frankand's directions, Watson finds the man's house. It ends up that Sherlock had been staying there all along. He wanted to get a feel of the situation without scaring away the criminal. When they walk back to the house they hear screaming. They chase after the sound and find out that Seldon had been killed. He was chased by the Hound.
Scene 7
When they return to Baskerville hall, Sherlock discovers that Stapleton is from the Baskerville family. Sherlock sets up a plan to make everybody think Watson and himself went back to London. Then they told Sir Henry to visit Stapleton and walk back on the moor that night. Sherlock and Watson wait for Sir Henry to walk back. Once Henry walks past Sherlock, a giant hound tries to attack Sir Henry. Sherlock manages to shoot it and save Henry. They discover that Stapleton had tried to enter the mire but didn't make it out.
Scene 8
The final scene is where Sherlock describes how the crime was committed and why. It turned out that Stapleton was an heir to the Baskervilles and he wanted all the money.
Cigarette ash proving he stood outside for quite sometime
Foot prints that got smaller after a little bit proving he started running
Died of cardiac arrest
By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Baker St.
Baker St.
Baskerville Hall
The Moor
The Moor
The Moor
The Moor
Baker Street
"If they are innocent it would be a cruel injustice, and if they are guilty we should be giving up all chance of bringing it home to them. No, no, we will preserve them upon our list of suspects" (38).
"And now I come rapidly to the conclusion of this singular narrative, in which I have tried to make the reader share those dark fears...
...and vague surmises which clouded our lives so long and ended in so tragic a manner" (115).
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