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tippy's great adventure

No description

Ryan Hanning

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of tippy's great adventure

There is shape named Tippy and he lives on a trapezoid farm. He lives with his parents and he thinks its the best place to live. He thinks that any other shape that goes there will be welcome to live there. He has two parallel lines and his lower base angles are congruent. Also his upper base angles are congruent as well. Well now we go to the adventure but before that I will show you him.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 16 Years Later
Chapter 4 bad things happen
Ch 5 Tippy
Tippy's Story Begins
Tippy was on a walk when he found a piece of a missing treasure. He was so amazed when he found it. It said who ever finds this shall bring it to the abandoned pirate ship straight away or else. When Tippy got home he asked if he could go out for 30 mins. He was allowed so he put it on the ship and went back home.
Chapter 1
Home was good for him. Nothing could go wrong, until today. He looked out his window and there was every shape! He was very nervous and he asked them "what are you doing here?" They said "We are travelers. We are a group of circles. We are here for the treasure you found little one." Tippy was so frightened and ran away.
Tippys off the hook
When Tippy got home the first thing he did was go to the store and bought a TrapStation4 which was $299.99.He had $400.00 so he had enough money to get it. He was so glad to be in his home town again. When he got to his old house his parents asked him to get his own house because there were 14 people living there. When Tippy ran away his parents adopted people. When he went he went to his new house he bought everything he needed. He had so much money he bought a Trap Mac Pro.
They meet again
A year later he went to see his friend Carl. When he got there war was happening. The Circles gave Tippy a weapon but Tippy didn't want it so he ran away to meet Carl. They met at the base camp and they met strangely. They crashed into each other. Then the governor came and kicked Tippy out so he went to the city of ancient triangles.
The adventure begins
The plane to the city of ancient triangles got hijacked by acute triangles, whose angles are less than 90 degrees. They were really mean to other shapes besides triangles. They wanted to hurt the other shapes so on the plane they got close to Tippy. A friendly triangle helped Tippy escape by the trap door. Tippy never got caught and he made it to the ancient triangle city.
A big mistake
Tippy has two parallel lines and two legs for the body. Here`s a video of a trapezoid. It tells everything
about the shape. It should
help you a lot.Tippy has 4 lines and 4 vertices. Now back to the story...

More about Tippy
Tippy thought he was alone but there were campers with him. They were going to the pyramids. They decided to all stick together just in case. They took breaks, ate, set up camp. Soon they ran out of food so they had to find somewhere to buy it.
To the pyramid
They eat up
The monster is not only big, but deadly too. Tippy and his friends were so scared they were crying for help. The monster found them and ran after them. Then a miracle happened. Tippy was in front of him and said "Stop now or my lord will come!"
The monster
Then the monster ran away and they got out of the pyramid. His new friends thanked Tippy and they all screamed Tippy Tippy and then Tippy was a hero.
Way to go Tippy
Tippy's Great Adventure
After 2 hours, he was still running away. The town was big so it took him a long time. He was wondering about his parents. He couldn't go back. He kept on running away and got out of town.
Tippy is now 21 years old. He did great in college and made good friends. His friends were nice. His best friend was Chuck. When he got out of college he told Chuck about his past and went back to where he used to live, Trapezoid Island.
Chapter 3 The Journey Begins
dun dun dunnn
Tippy and his friends were hungry and wanted to eat good food.They had to find a store, which for some reason there was one. Tippy had $40.00, one of his friends had $50.00 and the other had $30.00. Altogether they had $120.00. They bought pizza which was $4.00 and bought soda which was $3.00. They had $113.00 dollars remaining so they bought a cooler for $12.00 and snakes for $1.00. They had $100.00 left. Now back to the adventure.

After they ate, they left for the pyramid. As soon as they got there, they saw a monster. The monster was so big. Tippy remembered when he was in college he heard of an ancient monster that can kill anyone in seconds. Tippy said it was Lord Triangle. They all began to run! The monster was fast. Luckily, they all got away- for now.
Thank you for
but wait there's more
By:Ryan Hanning
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