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The school for good and evil

No description

Hester Stevens

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of The school for good and evil

The School for

Good and Evil

Sophie is my favorite character. She has a lot of spunk, and she never gives up no mater how hopeless things seem. Sort of like when Tedros dumps her and she still does every thing she can to get him back.

You should read this book because
You should read this book if you like fairy tales with battles, romance, drama, and plotting. this book is not for boys.
Best Scene

Sophie's favorite color is pink. Agatha's is black. Sophie's only wish is to be a fairy tale princess and live happy ever after with her prince charming. Agatha's wish is to stay with her only friend , Sophie, but when the head master picks them to go to the schools for good and evil, Sophie and Agatha believe that the head master makes a mistake . You see he says that Sophie is evil and Agatha is good. They soon find that they're where they belong. They must face many obstacles in their new schools, but the real drama starts when Sophie boyfriend turns out to be Agatha true love. Sophie will go down in fairy tale history as the first villain in over 200 years to win the trial of tales and the talent show.
My favorite scene is probably one of the surviving fairy tales classes. In surviving fairy tales they are always dong crazy activity, my personal favorite is when they have all the girls in glass coffins. Then the teacher puts a spell on them and they all are identical. The boys must pick one and kiss her on her hand to reveal there true nature. The objective of the game is to pick someone from your school. Hort, captain Hooks son, takes it to far and kisses Sophie on the lips!
This is the Storian . he writes the fairy tales.
The cockroach is important to this story because Agatha loves to turn in to a cockroach to help Sophie with her grades
A ball gown is important in many ways. In the end all of evil has a ball and the good see that they aren't that different.
about the author
Soman Chainani has won 2 awards and works on famous movies and might make the School for Good and Evil into a movie!
part of speech: noun
a nymph is one of a numerous class of lesser deities of mythology, conceived of as beautiful maidens inhabiting the sea, rivers, woods, trees, mountains, meadows, etc..
example: in Latin we are learning about nymphs.
part of speech: adjective
boldly courageous; brave; stout-hearted: a valiant soldier.
marked by or showing bravery or valor; heroic: to make a valiant effort.
worthy; excellent.
part of speech: adjective
meaning something that glows.
my pet fish is phosphorescent
part of speech: adjective
having an aroma; fragrant or sweet-scented; odoriferous.
Chemistry . of or pertaining to an aromatic compound or compounds.
a rose is aromatic
verb (used with object)
to polish (a surface) by friction.
to make smooth and bright.
gloss; brightness; luster: the burnish of brass stands.
The End
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