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Political Corruption in the 19th Century

No description

Carl C

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Political Corruption in the 19th Century

Social Reformer
Things to Know
To the victor belong the spoils of the enemy.
Important Terms
Thomas Nast
Use of a politicians authority for personal gain.
Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.

Born 1840
Artist and political cartoonist for Harper’s Weekly by 1862

Attacked Tweed Ring with cartoons such as “The Tammany Tiger Loose”, which shows Tweed as a Roman emperor watching as his “Tammany Tiger” mauls Justice and Mercury, God of Commerce, and “Under the Thumb”, depicting Boss Tweed’s thumb crushing and oppressing NYC. Also drew “Shadows of Forthcoming Events”, showing what would happen if Tweed remained in power
Republican, offended by Tweed Ring and its power over city and people
Tweed Ring attempted to bribe and threaten Nast w/ 500,00$ to move to Europe to “study art”, as well as physically threatening him
Tweed Ring threatened Harper's Weekly by removing their textbooks from NYC schools
By Carl Cellini
Monday, March 30, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Boss Tweed and the Tweed Ring
Boss Tweed Steals 30 Million from NYC!
Thomas Nast furious!
Boss Tweed Escapes from Prison!
Born William Meager Tweed
Lived 1823 - 1878
Held minor positions in NYC government
Had major influence over city decisions
Controlled the "Tweed Ring", a group of influential followers such as A. Oakley, NYC mayor and city comptroller Richard B. Connolly
Bribed immigrants with jobs

Boss Tweed was jailed in NYC
He escaped during a home visit
"Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make"
Thomas Nast's response
Political Corruption in the 19th Century
Thomas Nast brings down corruption giant!
Boss Tweed Jailed!
Jailed for larceny and forgery
Inside information from city sherif James O' Brian

Escaped to Spain!
Boss Tweed Recaptured!
Recaptured due to one of Nast's cartoons
Escaped to Spain and became a sailor
Big Spender
The Tweed Courthouse
Example of graff

Plasterer for courthouse paid 2.8 Million for a 70,000$ job

Marble purchased at a large price from a quarry that Tweed owned

“a sum not exceeding $250,000” approved for spending on courthouse

around $12,000,000 spent, most expensive public building ever built in the United States
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