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Subtraction--carrying and borrowing in a comical way.

This is how my teacher taught me the art of subtraction

Jeff Duan

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Subtraction--carrying and borrowing in a comical way.

Subtraction Carrying and Borrowing--
in a step-by-step comical way How do you do this problem? 604
-248 _____ It would be boring for me to explain this mathmetically... So let's turn a simple math problem into a simple math story! So let's say that good ol' four
needs to subtract eight.
"Ha!" laughs eight, "I'm bigger that four!
I can't possibly be subtracted by four!" 604
-248 "Eight's right," four said, "I'm just a welp. but I can go next door, and ask zero for help! 4 0 *This means 'borrowing from zero, the most adjacent number. * "Sure I will help you, but I've got nothing to share,"
So zero goes over, and asks six for something to spare! 4 0 6 Six says happily, "oh I can do that!
Here is a one, to help you become ten!" 6 becomes 5 and now 0 is 10! 10 Zero, now ten, goes back to four,
and gives him a one, to make him worth more! 10 becomes 9 and 4 is now 14! 14 Now that fourteen is bigger than eight.
We can start subtracting! Here is the equation, now that's it's done.
Using a story, makes math so fun! 594
-248 ______ 1 The four and one stand for fouteen. The answer is 356! THE END
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