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gwiTrack Import Presentation

Customer presentation for gwiTrack focused on Import containers.

Natalie Skinnes

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of gwiTrack Import Presentation

gwiTrack is an exception based container management system that allows you to monitor your Import containers from Port of Origin to Final Destination through a single web-based dashboard.
Ocean Tracking
How do we do it?
We monitor your containers from the time it sails the port of origin, tracking:
ETA updates,
Vessel changes,
and arrival at the port of discharge.
We do all this
Need to look up something quickly?
No Problem!
Multiple DC's?
But wait there's more...
We can do it all
when you use us as your container drayage partner.
We continue tracking your containers once they arrive at the final terminal, monitoring as they:
Terminal Tracking
Delivery Schedule
Who's having trouble keeping up with their yard inventory?
Dropped Containers
Containers dropped on your yard are monitored through the dashboard. You can even release containers for pickup directly from the system!
We can help!
We have several simple options for looking up your containers and running custom reports.
whole picture
Start seeing
How are you managing your containers?
Through tracking all major
Steamship Lines,
Port Terminals,
& Rail Terminals
Across the entire United States
Hit the Ground
Hold Statuses
and Outgates from the terminal.
Identifying exceptions to proactively mitigate issues.
Ever get hit by an unexpected container hold or demurrage charges?
Gulf Winds keeps you moving with our management and monitoring services.
Welcome to
Custom Per Diem Contracts?
Provide us your
the information and we'll track your containers based on your specific contracts.
Plan Labor & Monitor Inbound Containers
Get a full list of containers on your yard, see how long they've been there and manage by free time
reducing Per Diem and Chassis Usage costs
Problems with Per Diem Cost?
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